Tuesday, August 21, 2007

two buffaloes

Day 1
I was reading in newspaper that a leopard had entered the civilized area and the photograph had him leaping for and in direction of few policemen who were on their heals and my daughter wondered who was scared of whom as she thought policeman were brave souls.
Next day I read in paper that wild animals get killed crossing the national highway.
A friend of mine mentioned that three wild elephants got killed while crossing the railway lines in jungles of assam in the dark of the night.
Day 3
I had left for office and was settling down in the seat spreading out the newspaper and the bus slowed down in the recently paved new road where people sped their vehicles at will beside puttenahalli lake. It was quite uncharacteristic because these state bus drivers whizz past so early in morning.
Suddenly I saw two buffaloes lying beside road and wondered whether they had gone in coma and fell down. As the bus crawled beside them I saw fresh red blood oozing out of them and spreading on the road. I could not breath for a second, tears filling my throat as I could not understand why they had met such fate. Was it reckless driving?
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