Thursday, August 09, 2007

friends birthday party

There is a birthday party in the evening and its the weekend so we are all ready for it. The gift buying happens in afternoon with some additional shopping and then we go on to a restaurant to munch lunch. It was a very sweet lunch and just before the end daughter says "Wait", we wonder why and then she explains that "Mouth fresheners are yet to come!" सौंफ आना तो बाकी है!
We go back home and sleep and manage to get back and are lazy to move and wish we could have stayed back at home. The wife is getting ready and the husband is already is keeping a close eye on the watch. We were supposed to be there at 6:30 but now its 7. It happens to be his birthday too but he is preoccupied with getting late and thus ignores the surprise gift that he gets from the wife as it happens to be his birthday too. His anger is supreme and thus reacted causes the wife angst and she too decides to dump the party after spending over a hour doing the make up. He locks himself in room. There is some door banging and then the door slowly opens. They exchange what has been bothering them obviously from their individual point of view and the innocent daughter comments that "Even she will not go to party if everyone is said, she will only go if everyone is happy"
did i say that child is father of man?
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