Thursday, March 28, 2013

Final Group Sadhana with HariHaran Mani

Today's meditation was drive down the memory lane. The events of the past few months/years simple drizzled in and out. The location had been flat#508 Cassia block in Brigade Millennium. The flat was on rental by +Hariharan Mani, an +Art of Living teacher, actuarial practitioner and meditator from Mumbai.

It was here that we began our Group Sadhana about a year and half back. Today's idea was from +Balakrishnan Ganesan and original idea was from Shuchi. All of us are in photo above.

Yesterday Bala said, lets do it for one last time. He messaged again that we had to bring our own yoga mats. There was a time when we had kept one carpet for morning Group Sadhana at Hari's flat. People joined and left us at different points of time. I remembered that Agnihotra Homa was to be performed at sunrise so messaged back that my entry would be delayed.

In the end we gave a moist eyes good byes to Mr Hari and his bangalore stay. His memories and common moments will remain with us, forever.

On many occasions the motivation would be to simply listen to his beautiful voice when chanting Guru Puja slokas after the sadhana. His voice is a melody, it can transport you easily into the ethereal world.

Today missed recording the same but instead presenting the Guru Paduka Stotram. He went to Vythiri on a week vacation just to perfect guru paduka when others were rolling in pools of worldly pleasures.

The group sadhana brought discipline in my daily routine. One thing led to other and slowly Hari made me +Art of Living teacher. He has been an inspiration for many at the RBI Layout art of living center. His non-obtrusive cool nature is welcomed by many.

He would be shifting to Noida and blessed will be the souls there who get chance to be around him.

His residence became mini ashram. The keys of it would be shared by many.

If there was no internet at my place then I would go there and work.

If we had to chill in the evening, singing old melodies than Hari's karoke system would come handy and pizzas for the belly.

When he was not around we would do potluck at his place.

It was here that we listened to kena upanishad and I got a better understanding of my meditation experiences.

Hari has an open door policy, literary and spiritually. What type of a neighbor are you?

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