Friday, March 29, 2013

What is Karma? Understanding the laws of karma

Karma is impression to act. It is an act. An act is something which is not natural. It is a put on. It is not your nature. You know actors act. It is the same act.

Most acts driven by law of karma are inevitable. They need to be performed. They need to be experienced. It is like a dish which needs to be consumed when you are hungry, you have no choice. During the performance you can choose to participate or complaint. When you participate in action the karma dies a natural death. When you analyze,complain and make a noise about it then it keeps on adding to the chain of karmas.

As long as you have karma in your account you will come to this world. This world is imperfect and it will remain so. Your urge to correct and make things alright is a sheer waste of time for your evolution. The more you want to correct the more you will fall in trap of karmas. There is no such thing as perfect world. There is only perfect spirit, a perfect self.

You have sever layers of existence as per +Art of Living part 1 basic course. The first 6 layers belong to the world. If you are still stuck in them then the roller coaster of life will continue to wriggle and wrench you. Once you transcend this world and get into space of the self through persistent meditation practices then you become free.

It is said in ancient Indian tradition that the will of God moves a blade of grass, not the biggest of windiest storm nor the fiercest of fire can touch it or harm it in any way unless the God decides. That is the shiv tatva moving this entire creation.

When can you stop acting and be natural?

The above composition is based on learning from the thoughts presented in An intimate note to sincere seeker by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji. 
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