Monday, March 04, 2013

sixty rupees only

My nine year came around
Its five pm and she has come
exactly before time as promised

In the morning she got delayed
she met us when we were leaving
she said she can come back at five

She is a stop gap arrangement
helping us with household chores
for past few days only
the regular maid is on leave

She sweeps, cleans utensils, wipes floor
for couple of hours of hard work
she charges sixty rupees only

Before she left she wanted to
wipe the floor too
but my spouse let her leave

It was Sunday evening
when we want to be
with our families
she was serving
out of her dedication
and commitment

How many of us
can go to work
at five pm
on Sunday evening
with no grumbling
nor any complaints

some characters are
beyond comprehension
beyond training
beyond reason
beyond remuneration

I am inspired
to complete my work now
no matter what day or time
despite lazy state of mind

Are you?
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