Friday, March 22, 2013

Enjoy your family

The last words of +Michael Fischman before we parted to our individual destinies were "Enjoy your family". Thanks to him the bonding with the spouse have improved over the last few days. She is wondering "Why didn't I met Michael many years ago". She has been struggling to put good sense into my head but has failed miserably. A gentle collection of wordy slap from the conviction of Michael has brought me back into the path.

What is your family?
At first shot it looks your spouse if you are married, your kids if you are parent, your parents, your siblings, your cousins.

As you meditate more on the term "family" it gradually gathers momentum and expands to fill the universe. It simple is a reflection of your sense of belongingness.

If you think your neighbors belong to you , they become your family.
If you think your neighbors neighbors belong to you then they become your family.
If you think everybody connected to +Art of Living  belong to you then they become your family.
If you take pride in the city you live then everyone there becomes your family.
If you are happy to be born in a certain city then its people become your family.
If you think all those who speak hindi are sweet then they become your family.

What is your definition of family?

It is a natural progression. The FAMILY is a burden as long as you dont belong to them. A little shift and the world of love sweeps you off the floor.

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