Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spirituality and relationships

Is there a link between relationships that belong to the world and spirituality that belong to the ether world? Do they complement each other or contradict each other?

Once married do you feel that marriage is impediment to spiritual progress.
Once born do you feel that parents and siblings are impediment to spiritual progress.
Once a parent do you feel that children are impediment to spiritual progress.

As a householder, in the world, how do you run the fine balance between the relationships which become part of you and the path that you choose to tread.

Can one be without the other?

Is relationship the path?

Yesterday had the good fortune of meeting +Michael Fischman . Thank you +Hariharan Mani for organizing the same.

According to Mickey (as Michael is fondly called in inner circles...)
Your daughter is your spirituality.
Your spouse is your spirituality.
Your parents are your spirituality.
Your siblings and cousins are your spirituality.
Gurudev (+Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ) was not married but he was a son, a brother and cousin. His father immediately accepted his elevation as Guru but his mother did not. He did not abandon her nor became a sanyasi ( ascetic). In India once you become ascetic you cannot meet your mother and near and dear ones. So, he did not want his mother to feel that separation and remained a family man in that sense until at age 96 his mother too accepted him as the enlightened one. Till then, she used to go around in the ashram saying "Ravi", Ravi....He took along his sister and other cousins on the path. They are having normal householder life and he is still a Guru to many.

Spirituality is not for individual's growth. The individual's spiritual growth must find an expression in the individual's conduct and behavior. If the path is taking you away from householder's responsibility you are bound to create a distance with all around.

The solution is communication. Communication is not lectureship. You need to communicate subtly, strongly and continuously. You cannot explain and elaborate spiritual phenomenons. You can only wait and let the other evolve so that you are on the same plane of communication. Then you would not need permissions, you would not need discussions and the guilt associated with selfish growth will diminish too. You need not work on it too, for work requires effort and relationship maintenance should be effortless. Let it happen, let it express, let it be understood by itself.

The distance will become mountainous if spiritual energies of the path are let to express themselves freely and easily. On the path there would be many energies that will tag along but their expression must not be at the cost of creating fear and dissent in your neighborhood.

If you do start enjoying them then best place would be in privacy of your chambers and not in stadiums. The energy demonstration is not an alibi to attract more people on the path. The path will find the people. You need to find yourself. Your self is in growth of your spouse,kids,parents and rest.

Your expression of spirituality is in the transformation of the relationships around you. Your evolution is already guaranteed and taken care of.

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