Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eternity process - a walk in the past

I have been running for a long time.

I ran under wooden planks, with simmer of lights bursting on my head.
I lied down besides railway tracks on green grass with speeding trains going past.
I have been a turtle protecting my thick skin from onslaught of an hunter.
I have been a bird with white bottom and huge dark wings running away from fire and settling on a huge rock gulping a spider.
I have been a king marching on gold carpet laden steps and body with huge spear in one hand watching the moon sink into the dark sky. Slowly walking through the walls of huge palace and into it.
A huge dark man sitting on a huge rock, bold and majestic, beside a lake. Thick jungle all around. Serpents flying.
A king riding a huge chariot killing huge animals around.
A hen beside a dark and huge farm of black soil.
A child playing happily with his friends below a big banyan tree, until being marauded by a huge bully boy.
An old sadhu with big white beard floating over blade sharp grasses and thin pure streams.
I had shield on my back and we all were running away from men on horses. Finally slipped into valley and crushed through thick broken wooden parts of long dead trees.

There was slight pain in the right arm in the end. The body was heavy as log. It was middle of afternoon. And I felt light. Two hours felt like two minutes. I have a huge legacy left behind. I was not even aware of it. What a glimpse?

Gurudev had taken me onto another journey and I could only remain ever grateful and marvel.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Find balance in worldly chaos

When you learn to cycle. You fall. You getup. You fall and you get up again. Some people fall 5 times and some 50 and some 5000 times. Ultimately you learn to ride bicycle. Once you learn, you will not have to learn again. Then you can only improvise.

You can leave the handle or try more stunts. You need balance. You need to earn as well as learn. You have to use head for business and heart for friends/family. You cannot mix both. You need life. You need work. You need to learn from your enemies what not to do and from your friends and well wishers about what to do. You will love some and you will not not be loved by some. Know that more people love than who hate you. God has given variety in world to let you appreciate love through lens of hatred. Observe hatred but do not fall into cycle of reciprocating hatred. Balance it with compassion and thank the hated for showing you hatred.

You are made up of spirit. Spirit consists of love, of compassion, of gratitude, of feeling connected. In the spiritual path your Guru brings you closer to these emotions and feelings. Through him you learn to ride the spirit. He gives birth to your true self.

Your biological parents give you the body. Your mother is your first Guru. Your Guru is both mother, father and more. He brings the inner peace in your life, your eternal connectedness. He brings the knowledge that you are being taken care of and you will get what is most appropriate to you at the most opportune time. He brings back the life into you. He makes you feel eternal.

He makes you feel  unique as well as one with the rest. When you pluck a hair from your head, you feel the pain and you know that a hair is being plucked. But if I ask you, How many hairs you have? You will not know the answer. Same way God knows at the same time he is ignorant. The beauty of the game of life is that result is unknown till it happens. If it was known in the beginning there would be no fun, neither to you nor to God.

When you meditate you aspire for a quiet environment. You think its not possible to meditate in chaos. You have this concept in mind. Like you have concepts about religion in mind that you should only utter only Om sound or some other sound or something else. You know the priest in temple/church/mosque may be uttering Gods name all the time but he could be very stiff and hard from inside.

The primary goal of spirituality is to being inner softness, an innate confidence that you are untouched and pure. Then it does not matter if you are in chaotic environment or in peaceful environment. Nobody can disturb your king like demeanor. Relax and let the lion in you walk with the softest of heart.

In satsang parents used to the wailing kids keep their attention on Guruji's voice. But other keep their attention on wailing of kids, they are not used to them. The parents listen to the kids for whole day and are used to their crying. You were also crying and wailing before you joined and came into Art of Living. One day even these kids who are crying outside Vishalakshmi will come in and settle down in life, becoming quiet.

So you  see the cycle. Water in raindrops come from cloud. Cloud comes from rivers and oceans. Oceans are made from rivers. Who is God and how did he become God? Its like asking "Who is sun and how did it become Sun?"

You are spirit and matter. Matter is amino acids, proteins etc., Your food and yoga practices brings the balance in your matter. If your body is relaxed your mind will expand. If mind expands the body will relax. Guru is one who brings right meditation into your life. He is there to make you feel light and weightless. He is there to make you aware that

  1. Dont struggle. 
  2. Dont resist. 
  3. Dont make other people miserable. 
Become aware of your true being and allow life to blossom.

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