Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eternity process - a walk in the past

I have been running for a long time.

I ran under wooden planks, with simmer of lights bursting on my head.
I lied down besides railway tracks on green grass with speeding trains going past.
I have been a turtle protecting my thick skin from onslaught of an hunter.
I have been a bird with white bottom and huge dark wings running away from fire and settling on a huge rock gulping a spider.
I have been a king marching on gold carpet laden steps and body with huge spear in one hand watching the moon sink into the dark sky. Slowly walking through the walls of huge palace and into it.
A huge dark man sitting on a huge rock, bold and majestic, beside a lake. Thick jungle all around. Serpents flying.
A king riding a huge chariot killing huge animals around.
A hen beside a dark and huge farm of black soil.
A child playing happily with his friends below a big banyan tree, until being marauded by a huge bully boy.
An old sadhu with big white beard floating over blade sharp grasses and thin pure streams.
I had shield on my back and we all were running away from men on horses. Finally slipped into valley and crushed through thick broken wooden parts of long dead trees.

There was slight pain in the right arm in the end. The body was heavy as log. It was middle of afternoon. And I felt light. Two hours felt like two minutes. I have a huge legacy left behind. I was not even aware of it. What a glimpse?

Gurudev had taken me onto another journey and I could only remain ever grateful and marvel.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Find balance in worldly chaos

When you learn to cycle. You fall. You getup. You fall and you get up again. Some people fall 5 times and some 50 and some 5000 times. Ultimately you learn to ride bicycle. Once you learn, you will not have to learn again. Then you can only improvise.

You can leave the handle or try more stunts. You need balance. You need to earn as well as learn. You have to use head for business and heart for friends/family. You cannot mix both. You need life. You need work. You need to learn from your enemies what not to do and from your friends and well wishers about what to do. You will love some and you will not not be loved by some. Know that more people love than who hate you. God has given variety in world to let you appreciate love through lens of hatred. Observe hatred but do not fall into cycle of reciprocating hatred. Balance it with compassion and thank the hated for showing you hatred.

You are made up of spirit. Spirit consists of love, of compassion, of gratitude, of feeling connected. In the spiritual path your Guru brings you closer to these emotions and feelings. Through him you learn to ride the spirit. He gives birth to your true self.

Your biological parents give you the body. Your mother is your first Guru. Your Guru is both mother, father and more. He brings the inner peace in your life, your eternal connectedness. He brings the knowledge that you are being taken care of and you will get what is most appropriate to you at the most opportune time. He brings back the life into you. He makes you feel eternal.

He makes you feel  unique as well as one with the rest. When you pluck a hair from your head, you feel the pain and you know that a hair is being plucked. But if I ask you, How many hairs you have? You will not know the answer. Same way God knows at the same time he is ignorant. The beauty of the game of life is that result is unknown till it happens. If it was known in the beginning there would be no fun, neither to you nor to God.

When you meditate you aspire for a quiet environment. You think its not possible to meditate in chaos. You have this concept in mind. Like you have concepts about religion in mind that you should only utter only Om sound or some other sound or something else. You know the priest in temple/church/mosque may be uttering Gods name all the time but he could be very stiff and hard from inside.

The primary goal of spirituality is to being inner softness, an innate confidence that you are untouched and pure. Then it does not matter if you are in chaotic environment or in peaceful environment. Nobody can disturb your king like demeanor. Relax and let the lion in you walk with the softest of heart.

In satsang parents used to the wailing kids keep their attention on Guruji's voice. But other keep their attention on wailing of kids, they are not used to them. The parents listen to the kids for whole day and are used to their crying. You were also crying and wailing before you joined and came into Art of Living. One day even these kids who are crying outside Vishalakshmi will come in and settle down in life, becoming quiet.

So you  see the cycle. Water in raindrops come from cloud. Cloud comes from rivers and oceans. Oceans are made from rivers. Who is God and how did he become God? Its like asking "Who is sun and how did it become Sun?"

You are spirit and matter. Matter is amino acids, proteins etc., Your food and yoga practices brings the balance in your matter. If your body is relaxed your mind will expand. If mind expands the body will relax. Guru is one who brings right meditation into your life. He is there to make you feel light and weightless. He is there to make you aware that

  1. Dont struggle. 
  2. Dont resist. 
  3. Dont make other people miserable. 
Become aware of your true being and allow life to blossom.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Art of living satsang update

Make your anger very expensive, very precious. Nobody should be allow to buy it at any cost.
Make your smile cheap. Just let it flow without being asked for. It is the only expression which is closest to your core nature.

अपना गुस्सा बहुत मेहेंगा कर दो. दुनिया मैं कोई उसे नहीं खरीद पाए. वहीँ अपनी मुस्कान इतनी सस्ती कर दो की वोह यूँही प्रकट होती रहे. 

ज़िन्दगी मैं तृप्त रहो. यही सबसे बड़ा गुण है. 

हम भिखारी की तरेह सबसे कुछ न कुछ मांगते रहते हैं. जब कोई भिखारी हमारे सामने आता है तो हम क्या करते हैं. हम चुप चाप रास्ता बदल रहते हैं या फिर गाड़ी की खिड़की ऊपर कर लेते हैं, उसकी तरफ देखतें भी नहीं हैं. प्रकृति का भी व्योहार कुछ इस तरेह से ही होता है. 

कहते हैं जो ध्यानस्त होते हैं, वेद और ज्ञान उनकी तरफ ही अग्रसर होते हैं. जैसे पंडित मंदिर मैं दिन भर वेदों का उच्चारण करते हैं लेकिन फिर भी दुखी  दिखतें हैं, उनके चेहरे पर न तेज होता है न कोई चमक.   ज्ञान मांगने से या फिर दोहराने से नहीं मिलता है. 

Knowledge comes to those who are in meditation. The chanting of old mantras in rudra pooja then becomes familiar. You may not understand the meaning of sanskrit slokas but you get a feeling that you have heard them some where before. They have been part of you.

Nature gives to those who do not demand and are in continuous state of contentment. Nobody likes a beggar, not even nature. It runs away with its resources when you beg in front of it. It releases abundance to one who has stopped asking and is in grateful state.

 अगर कुछ माँगना ही है तो परमात्मा को मांगो, उसको मांगते मांगते कोई कामना नहीं रहती. उसकी कृपा होने से ही वोह    मिलता है और एक बार मुलाकात मैं तुम .ठहर जाते हो. फिर कहीं जाना नहीं होता है.

क्या परमात्मा दुसरे नंबर पर तो नहीं है. जैसे की दूध गैस पर रखा हो और तुम  ध्यान मैं   बैठे हो. ध्यान तो परमात्मा पाने के लिए है लेकिन मन मैं अगर यह डर है की  कहीं दूध न उबल जाये तो दूध नंबर एक और  परमात्मा नंबर दो पर चले गए न. इसी प्रकार ज़िन्दगी मैं  हमारी छोटी छोटी .  मांगे नंबर एक पर आती रहती हैं और वो पूरी होती रहती हैं. हम बीमार होते हैं तो स्वस्थ मांगते हैं और किसी तरेह ठीक हो ही जातें हैं, लेकिन फिर हम बीमार पड़ते हैं और यह प्रक्रिया चलती रहती है. लेकिन जब  हमारी परमात्मा की  मांग पूरी होती है तो फिर वो पूरी ही रहती है.

एक बार एक बालक अपनी परछाईं मैं अपने सर को पकड़ रहा था, लेकिन उसका सर उसके पकड़ से दूर भागता रहता था. वह रोने लगा. एक संत वहां से गुजर रहे थे, नज़ारा देख कर समझ गए और कहा की "बालक, अपने सर पर हाथ रखो." बालक खुश हो गया क्यूंकि अब परछाईं का सर भी उसकी पकड़ मैं आ गया.

Respect and honor the thief too because of him the police,judge,jailor and teachers have employment. Honor the people who fall in the ditches around you to show you that there is a ditch, beware.

Satsang happens in Art of Living ashram on kanakapura road in Bangalore everyday from 6:30PM. You can have dinner at ashram and then come back to your city house.
Satsang means the company of divine. There are many people but if you are a devotee then only you and the divine happen at satsang.
Special thanx to Bala for the free ride to ashram.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Fake income tax officer from Aditya Birla Group

I was sick and resting on this Eid, a day before Ganesh Chaturthi, with blanket over my head. A call came on land line for me and my daughter gave the call to me.

He : I am from Aditya Birla Group.

[ I guessed he must one of those agents selling health insurance/ financial planning/ mutual funds or my latest relationship managers ]

I :  Quickly tell me.
He: I am from Income Tax department.

[ By now I got confused and his temper went up in well rehearsed manner. I hope Aditya Birla is not training their troops to indulge in scaring unresponsive prospects.]

He: I am SK Nanda, a senior income tax officer. Is this the way you talk to me? I am coming to your home. Is this your address? Is this your name? Tell me your house nearest landmark.

[ I was really confused with the income tax stuff as Income tax department has recently sent notice for no reason, Our CA explained that with computerization the frequency of notice sending has increased and response is also expected online. This just added to the confusion created my Mr. Aditya Birla guy. He continued to lambast and I was not sure what to respond with. ]

I: Can you tell me in what context are you calling and want to meet me? I am sick and in no position to talk extensively.

He: You will be more sick when your neighbors find us at your door this evening. We will come at 4 PM.


[And the call was done. Fortunately I was not a heart patient otherwise fear of IT raid would have killed me then and there. I called up my CA and she assured me that

  1. Its a holiday for 2 days
  2. IT department does not raid with prior appointment on telephone.
  3. There is no one by name SK Nanda in IT department. 
I thanked her for her assurance but was still confused with the call. It was on land line and it does not have caller id.

How can we make police complaint against agents who scare the life out of common citizen if we don't give a damn to their useless and interrupting call?
Will Police listen to you and pursue your case?
Will telephone company register a complaint and ban calls originating from such numbers coming into their networks?
Did any of you had similar experience?

Monday, August 22, 2011

How to move the great Indian middle class but?

We have been talking about the Indian youth and Indian middle class for so long. With the advent of diverse career opportunities we have really transformed our lifestyles from being localized to government quarters to freely spending money.

We have been lazy to vote. Thus, there was no love or affair with the political class. We were happy to pass the days until Anna Hazare pricked our nerves.

He took an issue which has touched all of us. Its like the air around. We don't complain about air whether its stale or fresh or polluted or sticky. We have to breathe. Same way we paid bribe from traffic cop to post man to policeman to government bureaucrats to either get our work done or to escape punishment. An issue that did not pinch us much. We talked about it in isolation, over the tea/coffee and went back to life.

Anna Hazare sat on a platform called as India against corruption. He was visible. He was on empty stomach. He was clean. He made us wonder. Why is he wasting his time? Why cant he chill out in his village?

He persisted and few of us believed in his movement, his methods and his power to change. Democracy is after all for people and by people. We the people ignored all the sectors which thrived on bribes. We got our salaries and businesses going on and we did not care.

We saw the Indian national flags. We knew it was about our country. It was not for an individual. It was an issue which would decay our nation and prosperity as whole. Sooner or later even we would be subsumed by it. We would demand bribes too sooner or later, we have been giving it as "Poor policeman, how can he run a family with such a meager government salary?", "I dont have time nor patience nor leave to come here everyday".

The movement could not have been sustained it was started by some political party. BJP would have meant to be a Hindu movement, Mayawati/Yadav etc., would have been casteist movement and same for regional parties it would have been driven by language or local caste etc., But this movement was apolitical. Something new for great Indian middle class. The political protests have mostly been violent in India with loss of life and property. Here we saw non-violence been regarded and respected again. A new Gandhian movement of 21st century.

The other day Bhuvi, based out of Gurgoan mentioned. The employees across companies had discussion with transport department to arrange buses to Ramlila Maidan (the kurukshetra of India against corruption ) on a daily basis. Every team in his company on different project was taking leave on rotation basis, so that they can participate in anti-corruption movement. People in Mayur Vihar walk on the streets on protest every evening. No one cares about Cricket or Kaun Banega Crorepati.

We just want a glimpse of Anna. We just wish him success. We give him support. We love him for bringing back hope and trust in the society, for showing us that protests can be peaceful and protests are necessary to shake the government of the day out of their slumber.

Democracy after all is run by people. We need to cleanse our system, from the self to the society we need to give a good wash now. Now is the moment. Capture it. Participate in it. Feel the passion that drove us to independence.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who is Guru? Why I need a Guru?

I was experimental in my youth. We had the attitude of tasting everything indiscreetly and then learn from them. We believed that you must see, hear, touch and feel everything. The emphasis was on sensory pleasures. Nature was outside. Treks and hiking were the norms. Mountain peaks were location of peace.

I went around believing that nature was the best teacher. Keep your eyes and ears open and move your fingers around and mother nature will take care of your learnings.

We never realized why we felt so exhausted at the end of each trip of senses. We just wanted to get rid and drop dead to rest. Anything that led you to deep sleep was considered as cool. But again, the next few days would be tiresome and hangover would continue to haunt us. We would really not understand why our experiments with senses and objects were failing miserably.

The hills were always lush green after monsoon. We cherished them and captured the moments on camera. We created printed photo albums. I dont know where those albums are lost along with the memories and friends with whom we participated in the adventure.

The confusion continued from school to college to multiple job changes. Nature somehow missed to teach us. We were left stranded. What happened to mother nature and all the Gods we prayed and singed prayers in all the temples for? What happened to the peaceful photos of Gautam Buddha and Swami Vivekananda. We read reams and reams of text they had created. There were so many photos of the enlightened ones of past and of Gods. There were so many stories narrated by many.

We saw. We listened. We read.

But still we missed something. Still the pit in stomach remained. You wondered if it remained during sleep too. Still the hesitations remained.

Something like a love was missing. It was not the love based on needs, neither physical nor emotional nor out of boredom or convenience. A love without demand. A love without control. A love in which you simply give and continue to give and still do not exhaust or feel the loss. A love minus transactions.

We dont know if such love exists until we witness the grace of Guru. Only love exists. We are born again out of this different love. Initially you are confused with this sort of loving in which the Guru is only giving and asking about your well being only. He does not have any other question or demand or judgement.

The Guru comes with a name. He walks, talks and move around just like any other normal human being. You are confused at times looking at the frail body moving around, sometimes blowing in the napkin and clearing the nostrils.

I call him Sri Sri RaviShankar and he says "Guru is like a window. When you sit in a room. It has walls and windows. The sky is always present. When you look through the wall you see concrete. When you look through the window you see the beautiful sky, vast and endless, full of stars and moon, a cool breeze touches you. You look at infinity. Infinity is longing to give you love and a Guru is a transparent Window through which you can witness such unconditional love. The window may have glass or might have bars. Despite the presence in bodily form you will experience your true nature via the enlightened Master.
It has no name but still you know.
It has no form but still you can touch.
You experience unknown.
A Guru gives you living love. A love which is real. A love that begins in the human form and leads you to formlessness. A love full of feeling. A love that helps you to blossom into the most beautiful flower that you were meant to be. When in the space you and Guru are in separable. The plastic gift wrapper around the bud breaks and the flower blooms into the space.

A Guru will give discourses and answer to your doubts and questions. You will listen and feel nice about it. But if you leave it at feeling nice level only, then you have done a lot of damage. You lost the reason why those words were given to you. Until you experience the meaning of the word your journey/hearing is no better than the trek on top of mountain. At the end of trip/hearing you will be where you came from.

An enlightened master can never make mistake. Mistakes happen in unawareness. A master is aware all the time. He has become witness to the laws of nature. He is connected to the infinite love.

Enlightenment is journey to the unknown. Knowledge will take you on the path. But knowledge will not give you enlightenment. Knowledge will take you to garage but to go home you have to get down from the car and walk the steps to reach home.

There is an unknown force that has transformed Earth otherwise it would have been another Moon. You see so much of science and concrete and development. Who is behind all this? If you think that this is discovered by so and so or invented by so and so then you are limiting the beauty of the unknown.

The Guru is window to this unknown, infinite love. A living Guru can only give living love. Statutes/Photos rely too much on your imagination. Words and sounds can only take you so far. In Guru's love you have a chance of dissolving into the infinite.

PS: Most of the content is derived from Sri Sri RaviShankar's talk on Narada Bhakti Sutra (The aphorisms of love) listened at Hari's place today morning at about 6:30 AM. 

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Car head light on?

It was raining hard. I came back into the car. Something fell on top of car from above, not heaven. I wondered lightning and dared not to open the door. Is it safe to be inside or outside of car if lightning strikes on the tree under which your car is parked?

After few secs opened the door and checked, found the tree shedding some dry weight. I was still twisting the key. For the first time in 5 years the twisting key did not start the engine of Maruti Swift. I had no clue in the world. I twisted some more. The wipers moved in slow motion. Stopped them.

I ran to the security at the parking entrance seeking help.
Do you have any cab driver around?
Do you know somebody who can fix a car?
Do you have umbrella?
All negative.
"Today is Saturday, Sir, Nobody is around, rest of the days there are hundreds of cab around". Somebody from behind quipped in "There's a Hyundai showroom on the main road, why don't you go and check with them for mechanic?"

It was still pouring hard, I thought to give it one more try and came back to the car through muddy car parking lot. It looked like a playground converted to car parking. No luck again.

A neighboring car was about to be driven off. I pulled the guts and went and knocked on his window. He said he would not mind dropping me to the main road. Meanwhile I called the 24 hours helpline of Mandovi Motors. The guy disconnected and said he would call back. I thanked the person who helped me with the lift, he had come for the SPIN meeting. Guess some quality initiative in software services world but definitely meant a lot of quality support to me at the right time.

The Mandovi guy called back and said I would need to call another number. He started to give the number. I was out of the lift car, in front of Hyundai service center and in the rain. How in the world could I have noted a number and called it back. He was generous enough to send the number as SMS.

Meanwhile I chatted with the Hyundai service guys and they offered their own help line number. He expressed his inability, he and his branch managers and all. He also mentioned that do not describe your car as Maruti otherwise they will not come. You have a full fledged Hyundai service center within 300 meters of a broken car and they refuse to help because you are a Maruti owner.

I called the Delhi number and here are few questions which the Delhi helping hand of Maruti asked.
Which color is your car?
Which year model?
What make?
Where are you stuck? I explained him the location. He could not get Domlur properly. I asked him to let a local mechanic give me a call and he would be able to understand address better.
Is it under warranty?
You will be charged Rs 300 for a visit.

Finally I got a call from on road support of Pratham motors on inner ring road new Domlur. I got a message from Delhi Maruti help center number that the help will be in 40 mins.

I waited. The rain stopped. Finally the glimpse of the Maruti van. The first question the authorized Maruti mechanic asked was "Did you leave any lights on?" I could not understand the question as the voice was as muddy as soil below soaked in rain.

We reached to the broken car at Sasken car parking lot and he found the headlight open. He switched it off. The car was started, jump-start, 2 mins. The mechanic said it was the most common reason they get a call. The IT professionals park car in dark basement with lights on. They forget to switch if off because they have remote lock.

I said why don't you paste a warning and train novice driver with the advisory that "Your battery will drain off if you leave your lights ON for more than 2 hours". He said everyone knew. Did I? Did you?

I got a call from Delhi helpline after 3 hours. Two questions.
Was your complaint attended to?
How many kilometers has your car traveled?

Friday, April 08, 2011

Why Anna Hazare is a role model?

We look up to him. We seek his words. We seek inspiration and get from him.

We did not witness Mahatma Gandhi. We are witnessing Gandhi incarnate.

His humility, honesty and courage stands out. He decides to move and the nation follows him. He decides to fast and nation is with him.

He brought in Right to information act. He is bringing corruption to death.

He is not a sports star, not a business house, not a film actor.

He has single focus. He will live and die for India and its people. A social activist.

No accumulation. No money. No cars. No airplanes.

A simple life. A simple house. A simple village.

A former soldier who is shaping India of tomorrow.

Issues he takes are the issues that hurt us all.

Healing he brings will soothe us all.

The beauty of his protest is that you don't have to do anything. Just be there. Just pray. Just sing. Just dance. He will carry the pain of thinking, planning, execution.

In a society in which we seek nook and corner for role model, you have clearly emerged as the one.

We are and always will be with you.

Anna Hazare create self-belief in hopeless Indians

A nation which had given up.
A nation which had no hope in the system.
A nation which believed in nothing.
कुछ नहीं हो सकता ,
क्यों वक़्त बर्बाद करते हो,
सौ रुपये दो और आगे बड़ो, 
ज़िन्दगी मैं और भी गम है, 
यह सौ रुपये बचा के क्या करना, 
फालतू की कीच कीचक क्यूं करना. 
Senior citizen narrated their times of less corruption.
Youth wondered was there ever a time of less corruption. 
The common man sweats and burns his blood everyday of his life. 
He wants a little money to buy some bread.
He wants a little money to buy some education for his kids. 
We created a generation of whales who learnt only to gulp big money. 
Huge monsters.
You dare not raised your voice against them. 
They were your representative.
They were your killer too. 
More than the money they made you hopeless. 
More than the society they forced you indoors. 
You just bothered about your life. 
You just cared to meet both ends meet. 

What can I do?
Who will support?
My voice is so weak even a kitten will not move.
A generation low on confidence and high on consumerism. 
We don't care what happens in the common area. 
We care only what happens in my 1000 square foot. 

Give up.You.

One man thought otherwise. 
He could dare at age of 72.
He did not fear death.
He loves India. 
He made the move. 
Take my life but give me belief in the system.
Punish the corrupt. 
They belong to jail. 
Release the common man from his 10*20 flat. 
Give him freedom.
Give him hope. 
Show him power. 

No force on earth can stifle a people's movement. 
You never know when the waves may turn into tsunami. 

An earthquake has shaken our belief system. 

Now is the time to ride the wave. 

Outdoor is beautiful.
Outdoor has like minds. 
Feel the power of democracy. 
Its more than elections and vote banks. 
Its about you and me and how we can change. 


IAN Bootcamp at Bangalore 2011

A unique exposure.
A unique game.
A noisy venue.

The day started with car washer taking away the car keys but not returning them in time. I had to scout for him in Brigade Gardenia campus. One of his supporting staff had the key. When I got into the car, suddenly he appeared from nowhere. Wish househelp on android market could send reminders to forgetful casual contractors (aha! a new term).

The road was silken. The traffic was non-existent. The day was Sunday 3rd April 2011, fresh from India World cup Cricket Victory.

No one in embassy golf links knew where Microsoft Signature Building was.  Parked the car in basement. Loitered here and there. Finally stumbled upon the building.

I was late. The organizers were late in starting the first session. So got a chance to hear Sharad Sharma, a pleasant speaker who insisted that we were in cusp of another IT revolution in India. Here is our chance to grab it and live it.

Did you know that Indian Angel Network is a group of individuals from diverse background of society to help startup environment in India?

It was followed by panel discussion. The first speaker insisted that we highlight our challenge in the next 6 months. I did. I got generic response. One speaker said it was a personal issue. The point of the question was

"How do angels figure in the life of an entrepreneur who needs to earn his bread as well give justice to his ideas, to his dreams?"
The response summary was "Have real customers to validate your idea, use up your friends and family money and then get angel". How is that different from approaching a VC?

Two startups who benefited from angel funding got to present their point of view. It is important to have a single voice in the angel community to take up your cause, he will gather more angels for you. Angels can take you to places and contacts whom it might be harder to get to in normal life.

We got to pitch our ideas. Thanks to all friends and their friends and their friends who liked the idea of househelp. I could present the idea, had nice lunch on Sunday afternoon, meet some nice people and did not even pay for it. If you have ideas you do not have to pay for attending events.

Lunch was with college students. Two final students from PESIT were present on their own account. Thank you Microsoft citizen chapter. Did you know that even Freelancers can become part of bizspark programme too? You need not be a company but you have to be in products space. You can also pitch in for bizspark startup challenge.

The game. Post idea presentation we were given form. Get as many money from the audience for your idea. Everybody was given Rs. 20000 fake currency. Listeners had to act angels and distribute their fund to ideas that they believed in. We had to go around asking for funds and elaborating on our idea. Fun.

Post game was presentation from three startups stories from yourstory.in. Nice.
The last session was from embrace. Inspiring.

Thank you springboard ventures and Indian angel network for a wonderful Sunday.

Corruption unites India

India has got a single voice in form of Anna Hazare.

Corruption has eaten into development and shaken the morals of Indian society. We know it for a long time. Political parties have known it for a long time. There have been mild protests now and then. Numbers have been thrown in tonnes of losses we incurred due to corruption. There have been instances of whistleblowers losing their life.

No one had.
No one could.
No one dared.
We took it as part of our existence. An unnatural truth.
One man stood up.
One man held his head high.
One voice shook the nation.
A single voice has taken the imagination of youth.
A voice of a 73 year old gentleman who lives in village temple somewhere near pune.

He decided enough was enough.
The simmering have led to flames. Now the jungle is witnessing wildfire.
Corrupt will burn. Corrupt will be sentenced to jail.

A hope is born for a society. A movement is shaping up. A revolution to clean.
The new Gandhi  is marching.

Monday, March 28, 2011

When will you be happy?

The more memory you have the less you will be happy.
The more you relive the past the less you will live today.
The more you correct the world the less you will see corrections.

There are three aspects. Nature, Maya and Money. Nature is composed of five elements. Maya is composed of five विकार vices like anger, lust, greed, etc., Money is the object. 

Maya causes corruption in your nature, both within and outside. You blame money. 

Can money be the cause of happiness or unhappiness? 

Money is the instrument. If you play well you will produce soothing rhythms. If you are anxious you will break strings.

Can money influence your feeling? Can money help you with your mental strength? Can money create courage, faith, love? 

How you feel is how you think? 
Your thoughts are pure, your feelings are pure. 
Your thoughts are reckless, you feel chaos. 
In reality you are not performing any action. You are dull, lethargic. 
Your mind is racing. Your body is still.
Imagine the bleeding it will cause to your mind.
Your body is hurt, you can see the cut, you can see the blood, you can feel the pain.
Your mind is hurt by continuous onslaught of waste thoughts.

You put ointment to cure the body. How will you cure the mind? 
Do you realize that your mind is hurt? Are you aware of the hurt your thoughts have caused to your mind?
A pill can relieve your physical pain. A pill can distract and calm your mind for a while. 

But how will you make your mind calm and your body active? 

You take the body to gym, swimming pool, badminton court. You jog. You walk. 
Where will you take the mind? How will you exercise it? How will you keep it energized? How will you disallow waste negative dissipative thoughts?

Can you ?

PS: Most of the thoughts are derived from Sister Shivani, Dadi Janki and Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. They belong to Brahmakumaris and Art of living.

What does your daughter want?

I saw a parent hitting a the back palm of a girl child aged about 5 in front of sweet shop, beside SLV in RBI Layout.
Her offense.
She was holding a pole that must have gathered dust during the day. She was merely playing with it. Of-course her palms would get dirty. She may acquire infection. But does that justify the swift hard movement of an adult arm to distract and hurt her.

She managed to go into her mother's arm. Mother then changed attention of father to the sweets that they had to buy. The girl looked at the Frootie in the cold storage. Her mother followed her gaze and offered to buy her. The father would have regained his senses as he relented.

Then we moved on to Everfine, a supermarket. Second floor has gift section. A girl aged about 6 was urging her parents for a fancy item.
Her mother "Beta, you have so many of them at home, you have not yet opened them, play with them first and then we will think about this".
Her father "Behave yourself, I don't like your whimpering, you have so much still you want more, let us go".
Their faces were grim as they tried to discipline their child.
Just then a friend appeared, both faces converted to grin as they dragged their daughter out of the kids section.

How did you treat your daughter today?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life without judgements

How many times do you judge yourself?
How many times do you judge people around you?
How many times do you form opinions on situations that affect you?
How many times do you form opinions on situations that do not affect you?

You are not this.
You are not that.
She is like this.
She is like that.

I wish she could behave better.
I wish my situation improves.

Why is she shouting at me?
Why is she doing this when I stopped her from doing so?
How many times do I have to remind you not to do that again?

I want you to improve. That is why I shout at you. I cannot tolerate you doing mistakes.

How dare the auto whisked past me?
How dare the auto driver is asking me for extra 10 rupees?
How dare the auto driver refusing to go where I want to go?
Doesn't the bus conductor have minimum courtesy?
See, the cop stopped me to take a bribe.
See, the clerk across the counter is smiling and talking about everything else except my file. Smells like bribe.

Just be in the situation without judgement.

Tell me a situation in which you smiled and did not pass judgement. Think.

If you are still thinking then please participate in a situation without judgement and tell me about it.

I am waiting to hear...

Please do not over-judge and maul your lovely being.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Situations are puppet shows

Do situations throw you left and right?
Do you treat every situation as tsunami? You become and let it overwhelm you.

Did you know that contentment leads to stability? Stability builds a protection layer around you. This stability allows you to witness situations as puppet shows. This stability allows you to impart positive assurance in your surroundings. It gives hope and support to your spouse, children, neighbors, colleagues and bosses.

Stability is your energy state. If there is noise in your surroundings. If there is dissatisfaction, discontentment you will be engulfed in a tsunami of negative emotions. If your level of energy is lower than your surroundings then you will be swept away, blown apart and become hundred broken glass pieces. Your remaining life will be left for gathering the glass pieces.

But if you are protected then you will nullify the chaos. You will bring stability around you. Your contentment will survive.

How do I get stability? How do I get the protection layer? How can I be content?
You ask who you are.
You ask who is your father.
You ask where are you from.

You meditate for the answers. HE will answer. In one form or other. It will not be FAQ. Heres the question and heres the answer below it. You will float the question to HIM and he will let you know when you are ready.

You are peace.
You are born out of ocean of love and peace.
You are from above where all souls originate.

When you break up human behavior. Rip them apart from their body consciousness and expose their soul. You get to meet the same you. All souls by nature are peace loving, powerful being. You are too powerful and peace loving. Be in soul consciousness. Drink this knowledge everyday with every sip of water that you take.

God's love is in you. You are love. The more you allow HIM to be near you , the more you will feel safe and protected. The more energy flows from HIM to you. You become reservoir of energy. Surroundings and situations will sap energy out of you but you will get your refill with every sip of water. HE becomes the shield around you.

Imagine the energy rays coming towards you, filling you with GOD's love. The more the fill , the more it will brim out of you. Your face will glow. Your body will shine.

Its all been taken care of. Remind yourself of your true nature. You too will LOVE you.

THANK YOU NOTE - Sister Shivani - Awakening with Brahmakumaris - Aastha Channel - 7:10 PM today and everyday

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is your belief system?

Anger is needed to get work done.
You shout on the cook and he makes better food tomorrow.
You show aggression to the pizza delivery boy and he waives off the cost of pizza.
You honk madly at the car in front of you and he moves aside.
You shout at your kid and he starts to study.
You express dissatisfaction at your staff and their future delivery improves.
You have seen it since childhood. You have responded to it. When people are angry around you only then you do work.

You have achieved the honor of glorying anger as a tool to get work done.

Now, Can you change your belief system to "Love is needed to get work done."
You will be smashed with withdrawal symptoms. You will feel an irresistible desire to scream. This is not how it is done. People around you will not care about your soft manners. They can ignore you. They will not accept you as their boss, spouse,father,child. You will lose your relationship.

Do you feel the grip of fear yet? If I change my belief system to something which is closer to my natural being I am bombarded with fearful thoughts? Another belief system "Negativity is natural".

You want the whole world to treat you like a baby doll. Love you. Hug you. Like you. But you do not want to give them the same want.

When you are angry you are hurting yourself? Anger is negative energy. Everytime you shout you create it in your being. The person shouted at gets hurt, he may be incapable of responding but hurt also gives back negative energy. And if you have shouted successfully at 10 people in a day you have deteriorated your health by more than 20 times. You fall sick. You dont know the reason. You are addicted to medicine and hope the tablet will keep you alive.

It is not your body. It is your mind which is corrupted by the belief system. It is at core. Your thoughts. Your behavior. Everything else is simply responding on basis of your belief system. Change your belief system, change the blueprint of your being. Your existence.

You dont speak to your child. You punish her. She is sorry for her mistake. She is begging for attention to pardon her. You are quite. You think "Look you have made  a mistake, Now mama will not talk to you". You are giving guilt to your child. She is getting hurt. Her guilt is negative energy. It is depleting her. You say "I do everything for my child, I have been through so much pain just to bring her to this stage and now how can she hurt me in this way". You count your sacrifices.

Your GOAL is to empower your child. Make her strong. Make her fountain of positive energy. But what you give her is GUILT. Your GOAL is GUILT. Please talk it out with your child, forgive them, do not develop the belief system in them that "If I punish you then you will not do that mistake again."

You only have a body. There is only one size of clothe that will fit your body. Your mother comes with one sized clothes, your father with another, your siblings with another, your spouse with another, your friends with another, your children with another. Can you shrink and expand your body to best fit all? What will happen to you if you simply expand and collapse your body everyday of your life? Will you tailor your body or will you tell the tailor "Look heres my body and this is the size most suitable to it".

You have to be IN-DEPENDENT. When you are OUT-DEPENDENT you exhaust your energies in trying to please all, make everyone happy around you. Be grim with friend who likes you to be quite, Be cheerful and humorous to the friend who likes you that way. But when you go to sleep how do you feel about the day. Could you be yourself? Did you take good care of yourself? Did you live up to your expectation of yourself or did you let yourself be measured and curated by your tailor?

When you are healed, you will be able to heal others.
The only one who is giving you unconditional and pure love is within you. You have created layers of belief system over it. They have guised his appearance. Unpeal. Remove the layers of onions. You will cry but when you reach the core there will be only one belief system.

You are peace
You are love

PS- Notice there is no full stop after both above sentences.

Thank you - Brahmakumari Sister Shivani, Suresh Oberai, Aastha Channel.
Thank you Mona didi and Roma for letting me know about "Awakening with Brahmakumaris" every sunday at 9:30 PM on Aastha Channel.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hit by a meru cab

First it cut through in front, coming from the side. Then I was stuck behind a stationary broken truck and was slowly turning to right of the road. It continued to honk. I heard a thud noise. The road was full of noise so I ignored the noise. Spouse wondered "Did something hit the car?". I said No.

Then it allowed me to go to the right side. I crossed to left side after crossing the broken truck. It raced beside me to send me a message. The driver of the Meru cab was gesturing and waving. Even I got animated and told him "You did not see the broken truck or what?". He pulled down the windows and threw few abuses and went past. Again in super speed. I did not realize then that he had the guts to be aggressive post a deliberate hit.

I am sure he would have graduated from auto and recruited by Meru. The cab has distinct identity from outside. I thought they recruited professional drivers but post this ugly incident I really doubt. In the business of making quick bugs you speed past creditable employees.

When I reached home I saw the dent beside the side of rear door. And a long scratch till the door. When someone hits from behind you really know how desperate they are to own the road space.

If you are hit by a Meru Cab, You can leave a feedback at http://www.merucabs.com/customer-support/commentsfeedback.php Dont hope that Meru would come down and apologize but be happy that you have spoken your word.

Happy driving on Bannerghatta road between Ranka colony and Mandovi motors. Desparate cabs generally come from 16th main road from BTM layout and rush in to capture the Bannerghatta road in Bangalore. The time would be around 8PM, today and on most days. When you see Meru, give the same respect as you give to the Auto. Nothing less.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp - 3

Photo is print media continues to inspire me to give a third in this series of posts. Hopefully trilogy end here.

So lets get rolling.

Mahesh kale , a college alumni left a message on linkedin.com. Harshal Gaikwad and Milind Deshpande have liked the blog post on Facebook.

Priyank and Bhuvnendu have also liked the status on Facebook.

Geeta ji who sits diagonally behind me. You don't notice when she comes, when she goes or when she is having her lunch. Her presence is quite.
We share office space. The space is provided by elagaan.com. Navin at elagaan put out a notice in bangalore coffee club and we took the opportunity. If you are nearby Arekera Mico Layout, Bangalore then do check out this place. There are few more seats left.

But yesterday, she came over and whispered to me.
"I saw your photo in paper. I told all my people. "
"I reminded them that its the same person whose application I had described some days back. "

Few days back I had given demo of househelp to them. They used to wonder about what I could do sitting in a chair for whole day long facing a dell laptop.

Pre-photo days in Bangalore Mirror, friends, family and relatives too wondered. What I was upto? You get the general recognition. You are not taken seriously. You could pass as fake.

Post-photo days. People call back. Send email. Send SMSes. Post on linkedin. Send tweets. They think you are genuine. You have potential. You are worth talking too and saying hello.

So lets come back to the roll call.

Venu from E306 in Brigade Gardenia sent SMS. "Congratulations, I read Hindu, came to know from Prime (we covered him in the part 2 of this series) and your blog is quite interesting to read, lot of stuff in your blog, very informative, came to know of only today.Its amazing. Keep up ur good work. "

So guys if you have come this far do check out this blog too for other posts.

This should have been said on the first day but let me compensate for the lapse. In the previous version we have seen how our Security class is educated. They can follow you through print media. Make them realize their potential. Give them opportunity. Go.

We were lost in the post media glare when Manjula, our housemaid commented.
"Call up your Mother. "

Its just a four word sentence but the power of it says it all.
You are because of your parents. Reach out to them in your days of glory.
They would be the happiest of the lot. My mother immediately called up her brother in Orcha and he call me back immediately. We call him Papa mama.

My father struggled with the internet links and came back from office. Called me to find out why he could find househelp coverage. With some phone support he managed to view

While coming back home, a lady rushed into the lift. Sonia Bhandari who lives on fifth floor, wondered
"What machine have you made
Saw your photo in paper
I went into typical demo mode
"Yeah, its a simple phone based application on google based phone."

 (Android is a term for developers, general pubic knows Google for its search and thus a Google powered phone is not Google phone but Samsung's Phone. Quite a mouthful. Hope Google recognizes the efforts we are putting in to educate the masses one by one. )

"It is used to track people like cooks and housemaids."
"Do you use it?"
Then my floor came and the demo was abrupted. She promised that she will come to know more about it.

Let me know if you need to promote househelp on android to your friends and relatives. Few videos and screenshots are kept here.

Final Word:
Media can be powerful medium in making you interact with your neighborhood. Impact of the photo is unimaginable. Words speak but can get lost in the tonnes of pages that are there. But visuals like photo and video stay. So go shoot.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp - 2

The adoration continued for the second day. Who said appearance in newspaper is only for day?

Aynur, Google Sales Manager, "Good and interesting presentation. I will definitely promote this in SG".

Shafeek,  Your idea is excellent and your efforts to make it multilingual and international is great". Check out his mobile apps on Symbian OS.

Ravi kiran, former collegue and alumni friend (VNIT) called up in the evening and congratulated @ourhousehelp. 

Avi, a Brigade School going kid, came over from nowhere when I was in children park with my youngest one. 

"Uncle, Your photo had come in paper yesterday."
"Nice application"
"Do you want to see it?"
I showed him. He played for a few secs and his interest waned. 
"You are mushkans father no?"
"I will tell my mother about it."
He patted me on my back.
And he ran away to his parked cycle.

Prime Jyothi , an ardent photographer, yes the name is primed as in prime number, was happy to share the news clipping with me and mentioned a Android competition which is happening in India.

Sudarshan congratulated and we spent some more time then we usually do. He wondered if the app was tracking cooks and letting you know their current position.

When I was coming back to Golden Magic block. The security came over with the access card to open the main door. Once opened he said in kannada.
"Nice photo in paper, sir"
"Nice description, sir"
He was glowing.

Thank you everyone for taking the time out to congratulate @househelp. There is more info here.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp

"I hid at different places, but everyone found me. They all were telling 'Your father photo came in newspaper today'. The words of 7 year old kid whose fathers photo came in newspaper courtesy @ourhousehelp. She went to the furthest park and played there. Kids do not like too much attention, I guess.

She was getting ready in the morning when the first call came from Bhavna. Sunil, her husband has seen the photo and wanted her to call us even though they knew we would be busy with packing kids to school. But sometimes happiness overflows and it showed. Its good to let it flow. Its infectious.

The poor paper was lying outside till then. With the call the paper was brought in and we opened the page number 2 of Bangalore Mirror. The photo was indeed there. Never before did I hold Bangalore Mirror with so much regard.

Janki called up and shared her happiness. Srinis father informed them in morning and she came to know from Srini.
Reetesh, the meta guy from Vrce , working for a IT firm here was happy to call me.
Bharath Bhushan called and shared his happiness.
Mayank, Himanshu sent SMSes. Himanshu shared the news with former carpoolkaro collegues of mine. Pavani was happy to know and wanted to know more.
My wifes friends were calling her and when she went out they mentioned it.
Sachin bhai was also very happy and mentioned that his idea has been selected in the top 20 of ET power of idea for  eO.

When I went out a kid going by on cycle screamed "Uncle आपकी फोटो पेपर में आई है."
Janki and Srini were coming back in car and stopped by to mention again.
Rafiq was passing by , coming back from office and the happiness was spread all across his face, despite the drive back from office.
Karthik was happy too and stopped his car with the kids. I was telling him the story when keertana, his nine year old girl clipped "Papa why dint you go to the conference." Cute.

Revathi Aunty was going for her regular walk when she stopped by and could not contain her happiness. I had to give her demo then and there and sell Google Powered Phones.
Are all phones of Samsung Google powered?
No Aunty, Only a few.
She was aghast when she saw the report on househelp. "Your cook was absent for four days in this month".
She said she would consult me when she wants to know more about Google phone. Congratulated again and went by.

I could only thank Google for giving me today and would remind them that I had to evangelize for them to many people today.

Would you overflow with joy on seeing your friend's photo in media? And pick up the phone and call them.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Househelp unveiled at #mcb courtesy @mobilecampindia

It was fun at IIMB who were host to mobilecampindia which was co-sponsered by Flypp and Intel App-up. Thank you keshav, hari and rest of the 9 volunteers of momo's eleven.

The above all helped me to present @ourhousehelp otherwise known as househelp at android market. It was pure fun. I could notice few grim IIM professors smiling during the presentation. The positives were lifting as I described the journey so far. In brief heres a  gist for you. 

The idea belonged to my spouse who released the budget for me to buy Android powered Samsung Galaxy 5. I am also grateful to the thugs who took away my old Nokia and my love for Nokia in a tight BMTC ride. The development began in November end and househelp was released on Android market by end of december 2010. Now it has support for 51 languages and used by people across the globe. 

The power of presentation was so strong that audience had already downloaded app and were asking of features which I had not covered during presentation. Thank you Hari for providing me the first comment and rating just then and there. There were 4 more downloads added, courtesy the unconference.  

There were compliments post presentation and I was fortunate to take it and consume it on behalf of househelp. 

Post lunch Nishanth from Bangalore Mirror met and requested for photographs and interview. Did you know that he was still doing his studies as well as fulfilling his aspiration for being a journalist? 

Coming back I met Sanjeev Gopinath V who presented BunkBazaar and 
Srikanth Sankaran who have created Dijital Financial Advisor-The College Edition. They are in college and have 
already created applications which are relevant to their collegiate context. Bunkbazaar recieves ISD messages 
from its users from Africa and Pakistan thanking the developer for the cool app.

People from Nokia world wanted the apps on their devices too. 

I enjoyed kannada4english. Simply point your phone to kannada on BMTC, Road signs 
and get English translation and transliterations. The developers have developed a 
custom OCR algorithm to solve a personal hindrance.

Dhvani which creates music while you draw on the android was also cool. Amal tiwari is NID student. 

Coupon Dispenser by Andrydaa. You can manage your sodexho coupons better.

Google marketing team had the presentation title as "You can quit your day job". The potential of android apps
to finance your livelihood is not far off. Do you believe it?

How has Android helped you solve a personal challenge?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Do you know your addiction? Can you create happiness?

I am this body. I need a stimulant to create sensation. The sensations through my sensory system create feelings. These feelings make me feel good or bad. This view is outside in.

Stimulants are like drugs. Initially small grams of drug powder make you feel high. Then with time your body gets used to that quantity of dose. You are forced to increase the amount of intake. The cycle is kicked in.

Stimulants generated feelings take you away from reality. They deceive you into a state which is unreal. A world where you are not creative, where you only react to external world. Your mind is not working but your body is reacting. This body reaction becomes your reality.

Take example of movie. You are connected to the anger in movie. You are connected with the emotions of the actor. What you feel is his/her enaction? They are not your feeling. They are sad, you are sad. They are happy, you are happy.

Take TV serial. You are addicted to watching them. If you dont get to see them, you feel denied. You create situations so that you are sitting in front of TV. The kid in your lap may be crying because he needs sleep but they are mere distractions. The spouse may be describing his day in office but its just another diversion. You are dependent on the characters in the serial. You dont give a damn to characters around you. If they are happy your household has calmer days, if they are angry, your household will go through a painful time with lots of shouting and blaming etc., Your kids could become your favorite punching bags, your de-stressors.

Take relationships. If I dont see you I feel sad. If I dont talk to you I feel angry. If you talk to somebody I dont like I feel mad. Are you the cause of my feeling?

Take video games. Look at the kids sucked into terminals. Do they have any awareness of their surroundings? When you see addiction you detest it, but your addiction may not be games. It could be cigarettes, alcohol, tea, coffee,reading, listening to music. It does not mean that you should dump all of them. It only means that you need to become aware of your own addiction. They have already taken over you. Did you know it?

My body is addicted to a stimulant. The thoughts are generated post experience of stimulant. The thoughts can be due to lack of stimulant. And you are sucked into a world which is not yours. This world has feelings of fear, deprivation, lack of, incompleteness, causes depression and makes you an animal.

When you shift your focus to who you really are? The power and purity of your existence. Then  you become creative. Its your mind which is creating its own thoughts. Its effects are reflected on the body. Your body glows. No creams. No clinics. No doctors. No masseurs.

You are a pure soul. Did you notice the period, yes the little dot which says its the final truth. You are a powerful being. You are source of bliss. You are life.

With thoughts so powerful you witness the truth. You cut away from stimulants. You snap dependencies. You float. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

How to make your kid ready and in time for School?

The School Van leaves at 8:10. There is anarchy at 8. Passions run high. Chaos is supreme. Everyone is panicked except the girl who has to catch the Van. She is sliding from one act to another like feathers on silk.

It is common to hear.
Don't you have sense of time?
Why are you day dreaming?
Dont you know what 8'o clock means?
जल्दी करो वर्ना वन छूट जाएगी,
जल्दी ब्रुश करो,
जल्दी पोट्टी करो,
जल्दी दूद पियो,
जल्दी कपडे पहनो,
जल्दी is utterly misused and loses its significance of its meaning.
You give up, Okay don't take bath today,
don't do combing today,
skip breakfast today.
Just go and catch your Van.

One day she left at 8:15. We were in balcony and no one was in sight. We were discussing that it would be a good lesson for her as she will miss her van today? But the mother could not hold her concern and requested, Why dont you drop her? I was firm, NO she has to learn her lesson. Then the Van came out of nowhere. And we missed an opportunity to let the lesson be learnt.

Yesterday was one such ugly morning when she was holding her brush at 8 and we were all pushing her to get ready fast.

So today I dreamed it would be different. Yesterday night told her the same story that her teacher is telling in her class in which Famous Five by Enid Blyton go in caravan at around 9PM. All earlier nights it would be past 10 when the kids would go to sleep.

Today morning She woke up at 6:50 AM, yesterday was at 7:20 AM ( The emphasis was on witnessing the beautiful and colorful morning, you see its orange and all). When we went to balcony it was already yellow. She looked at me. I said We just missed the orange, it got converted to yellow. Thankfully the yellow got converted to white and I could prove that look color does change.

She looked at the Ageing bamboos and yearned "Wish pandas were here". As she was lost in her story I shared 2 glasses of water with her. With so much water in, Who can stop call of Nature? She too had to. It was quicker today as water must have smoothened the bowel movements. Otherwise she sits around for about half an hour.

With a major victory to start with I devised the strategy to "Shock Mama before she wakes up". She bought into the concept and went ahead with brushing and bathing in a whisker.
She said I will have to do double bath today? (She did not take bath yesterday).

She was ready at 7:15 AM when her Mama woke up and was indeed shocked to see her in school uniform with socks on. She was so happy that she wanted this to happen everyday. But the younger one said "Only Fridays!!"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Visit local RTO Jayanagar Bangalore for hypothecation cancel on my own - gutsy

The BDA complex at Jayanagar 4th block, Bangalore is where most government related offices are. It also has RTO offices on 3rd and 4th floor.

Another discovery for the day was parking on terrace of BMTC building right opposite BDA complex. The charges are Rs 20 for around 4 hours. You have to travel 4 levels to reach the level. It was afternoon so was easier to go up and down but I am sure during peak hours it will be quite challenging to get the car up and down.

I was greeted by a stranger on Ground level.
"Do you have work in RTO?"
I said Yes.
What is it? Show me your RC book? Come to our office at basement.
I said I heard the office is on level 3.
NO, come down and we will get everything done.
I managed to ask him for the charges for hypothecation cancel and he quoted Rs 650 and delivery by evening. When I started moving the rates dropped to 600.

I was greeted by similar people on almost all levels till I reached level 3. Another agent inside the RTO office discussed his deal with me and also suggested that I go to level 4 where the work will be done. I waited for a person seemingly helping out a lady who was explaining her loss of DL in kannada. I could comprehend her situation but the helping angel across the counter was going in complex loop. After a while both started using me as medium of communication ( I dont know kannada). I asked my query and went on to level 4.

I met the security personal on level 4 and discussed my situation with him. He gave a patient hearing but allowed the conversation to be replied by agent standing beside me. An RTO officer walked passed by but his offerings continued.

Finally ignored the helping agents and walked to lady who was shuffling files on one of the customer facing counter. She narrated list of documents and fees to be paid before the hypothecation cancel process could begin.

I waited for paying cash at the counter and got a receipt for Rs 100 for hypothecation cancel. I went a level down to get envelop. Luckily another agent's shop who refused to do xerox earlier sold me envelop for Rs 20.

Total spend Rs 120 and about 40 mins of time during post lunch period on a warm sunny bangalore winter noon.

Went back to the lady who was charming the man beside her. The man needed signatures on few files. I watched the work and play before I could enforce a hearing. She narrated the list again

  1. Rs 100 fees receipt
  2. Insurance certificate
  3. Self addressed postage paid envelope
  4. RC book
  5. Emission certificate
We got stuck on emission certificate. I presumed that Maruti Swift had the latest engines and did not require them but she insisted on having and I had to walk away for another time. 

The omnipresent agent was near the lift and also gestured that he had seen me parking my vehicle across on level 4 on opposite BMTC building. He also dropped the offer to Rs 400, without emission certificate and delivery by evening promise. I thanked him . 

Hope to make some more progress next time around. The NOC from Bank has 3 months validity. So some time to kill before the next attempt.

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