Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is your belief system?

Anger is needed to get work done.
You shout on the cook and he makes better food tomorrow.
You show aggression to the pizza delivery boy and he waives off the cost of pizza.
You honk madly at the car in front of you and he moves aside.
You shout at your kid and he starts to study.
You express dissatisfaction at your staff and their future delivery improves.
You have seen it since childhood. You have responded to it. When people are angry around you only then you do work.

You have achieved the honor of glorying anger as a tool to get work done.

Now, Can you change your belief system to "Love is needed to get work done."
You will be smashed with withdrawal symptoms. You will feel an irresistible desire to scream. This is not how it is done. People around you will not care about your soft manners. They can ignore you. They will not accept you as their boss, spouse,father,child. You will lose your relationship.

Do you feel the grip of fear yet? If I change my belief system to something which is closer to my natural being I am bombarded with fearful thoughts? Another belief system "Negativity is natural".

You want the whole world to treat you like a baby doll. Love you. Hug you. Like you. But you do not want to give them the same want.

When you are angry you are hurting yourself? Anger is negative energy. Everytime you shout you create it in your being. The person shouted at gets hurt, he may be incapable of responding but hurt also gives back negative energy. And if you have shouted successfully at 10 people in a day you have deteriorated your health by more than 20 times. You fall sick. You dont know the reason. You are addicted to medicine and hope the tablet will keep you alive.

It is not your body. It is your mind which is corrupted by the belief system. It is at core. Your thoughts. Your behavior. Everything else is simply responding on basis of your belief system. Change your belief system, change the blueprint of your being. Your existence.

You dont speak to your child. You punish her. She is sorry for her mistake. She is begging for attention to pardon her. You are quite. You think "Look you have made  a mistake, Now mama will not talk to you". You are giving guilt to your child. She is getting hurt. Her guilt is negative energy. It is depleting her. You say "I do everything for my child, I have been through so much pain just to bring her to this stage and now how can she hurt me in this way". You count your sacrifices.

Your GOAL is to empower your child. Make her strong. Make her fountain of positive energy. But what you give her is GUILT. Your GOAL is GUILT. Please talk it out with your child, forgive them, do not develop the belief system in them that "If I punish you then you will not do that mistake again."

You only have a body. There is only one size of clothe that will fit your body. Your mother comes with one sized clothes, your father with another, your siblings with another, your spouse with another, your friends with another, your children with another. Can you shrink and expand your body to best fit all? What will happen to you if you simply expand and collapse your body everyday of your life? Will you tailor your body or will you tell the tailor "Look heres my body and this is the size most suitable to it".

You have to be IN-DEPENDENT. When you are OUT-DEPENDENT you exhaust your energies in trying to please all, make everyone happy around you. Be grim with friend who likes you to be quite, Be cheerful and humorous to the friend who likes you that way. But when you go to sleep how do you feel about the day. Could you be yourself? Did you take good care of yourself? Did you live up to your expectation of yourself or did you let yourself be measured and curated by your tailor?

When you are healed, you will be able to heal others.
The only one who is giving you unconditional and pure love is within you. You have created layers of belief system over it. They have guised his appearance. Unpeal. Remove the layers of onions. You will cry but when you reach the core there will be only one belief system.

You are peace
You are love

PS- Notice there is no full stop after both above sentences.

Thank you - Brahmakumari Sister Shivani, Suresh Oberai, Aastha Channel.
Thank you Mona didi and Roma for letting me know about "Awakening with Brahmakumaris" every sunday at 9:30 PM on Aastha Channel.
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