Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hit by a meru cab

First it cut through in front, coming from the side. Then I was stuck behind a stationary broken truck and was slowly turning to right of the road. It continued to honk. I heard a thud noise. The road was full of noise so I ignored the noise. Spouse wondered "Did something hit the car?". I said No.

Then it allowed me to go to the right side. I crossed to left side after crossing the broken truck. It raced beside me to send me a message. The driver of the Meru cab was gesturing and waving. Even I got animated and told him "You did not see the broken truck or what?". He pulled down the windows and threw few abuses and went past. Again in super speed. I did not realize then that he had the guts to be aggressive post a deliberate hit.

I am sure he would have graduated from auto and recruited by Meru. The cab has distinct identity from outside. I thought they recruited professional drivers but post this ugly incident I really doubt. In the business of making quick bugs you speed past creditable employees.

When I reached home I saw the dent beside the side of rear door. And a long scratch till the door. When someone hits from behind you really know how desperate they are to own the road space.

If you are hit by a Meru Cab, You can leave a feedback at Dont hope that Meru would come down and apologize but be happy that you have spoken your word.

Happy driving on Bannerghatta road between Ranka colony and Mandovi motors. Desparate cabs generally come from 16th main road from BTM layout and rush in to capture the Bannerghatta road in Bangalore. The time would be around 8PM, today and on most days. When you see Meru, give the same respect as you give to the Auto. Nothing less.

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