Monday, March 14, 2011

Situations are puppet shows

Do situations throw you left and right?
Do you treat every situation as tsunami? You become and let it overwhelm you.

Did you know that contentment leads to stability? Stability builds a protection layer around you. This stability allows you to witness situations as puppet shows. This stability allows you to impart positive assurance in your surroundings. It gives hope and support to your spouse, children, neighbors, colleagues and bosses.

Stability is your energy state. If there is noise in your surroundings. If there is dissatisfaction, discontentment you will be engulfed in a tsunami of negative emotions. If your level of energy is lower than your surroundings then you will be swept away, blown apart and become hundred broken glass pieces. Your remaining life will be left for gathering the glass pieces.

But if you are protected then you will nullify the chaos. You will bring stability around you. Your contentment will survive.

How do I get stability? How do I get the protection layer? How can I be content?
You ask who you are.
You ask who is your father.
You ask where are you from.

You meditate for the answers. HE will answer. In one form or other. It will not be FAQ. Heres the question and heres the answer below it. You will float the question to HIM and he will let you know when you are ready.

You are peace.
You are born out of ocean of love and peace.
You are from above where all souls originate.

When you break up human behavior. Rip them apart from their body consciousness and expose their soul. You get to meet the same you. All souls by nature are peace loving, powerful being. You are too powerful and peace loving. Be in soul consciousness. Drink this knowledge everyday with every sip of water that you take.

God's love is in you. You are love. The more you allow HIM to be near you , the more you will feel safe and protected. The more energy flows from HIM to you. You become reservoir of energy. Surroundings and situations will sap energy out of you but you will get your refill with every sip of water. HE becomes the shield around you.

Imagine the energy rays coming towards you, filling you with GOD's love. The more the fill , the more it will brim out of you. Your face will glow. Your body will shine.

Its all been taken care of. Remind yourself of your true nature. You too will LOVE you.

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