Monday, March 28, 2011

What does your daughter want?

I saw a parent hitting a the back palm of a girl child aged about 5 in front of sweet shop, beside SLV in RBI Layout.
Her offense.
She was holding a pole that must have gathered dust during the day. She was merely playing with it. Of-course her palms would get dirty. She may acquire infection. But does that justify the swift hard movement of an adult arm to distract and hurt her.

She managed to go into her mother's arm. Mother then changed attention of father to the sweets that they had to buy. The girl looked at the Frootie in the cold storage. Her mother followed her gaze and offered to buy her. The father would have regained his senses as he relented.

Then we moved on to Everfine, a supermarket. Second floor has gift section. A girl aged about 6 was urging her parents for a fancy item.
Her mother "Beta, you have so many of them at home, you have not yet opened them, play with them first and then we will think about this".
Her father "Behave yourself, I don't like your whimpering, you have so much still you want more, let us go".
Their faces were grim as they tried to discipline their child.
Just then a friend appeared, both faces converted to grin as they dragged their daughter out of the kids section.

How did you treat your daughter today?
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