Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a poem for countryside

A little sparrow sat on my window,

the road was full of trees on the sides,

and in the distant

were green fields and clear blue skies

and the snowy whites clouds shifted sides

two naked kids were playing in the mud

as lambs cows moved aside

Will I cross horizon to be there

or will I continue to visualize


It has been a while since I

saw the sparrow fighting for his little space in my house,

slipped into the paddy fields,

snaked through the ragi farms,

climbed and fell from neem tree,

gathered dust

and sat on top of buffalo.

Was it in distant past or will it happen in near future?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why should my team go to a village for team party/ team building?

Lets consider the alternative in a dramatic way.

The team has been going to a crowded mall with multiplex, watching a movie in the dark on their separate seat and eating in a food court or nice restaurant with only the nearest four in conversation if at all and rest hidden in the din.

The team has been going to a resort with swimming pool, a little playground with some wet patches, a closed TT/badminton room and a garden with few flowers. Everything well laid out and limited property, kind of a zoo where there are predetermined cages for inmates to choose from.

The team has been going to a game alley, again a crowded haven these days with loud music and excess light, sometimes too bright, throwing balls, dancing to graphics and repeated computer noise or riding simulated bikes.

Lets consider a rural setting for a while.

An open green field, open skies, friendly people. A series of activities to choose from like hiking, walking, resting or listening and witnessing to another lifestyle. Some lucky ones can get fresh raw baby corn from fields, some can pluck fresh beans and munch, some can devour in tender coconut water plucked right in front of your eyes, some can put their heads in gushing water from water pump.

There is a whole act to be performed right from planning the unusual trip to reaching there and executing your pre-planned series of acts or deciding impromptu.

You choose your acts and your participation.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fish and me

It is dark and lives in a glass bowl of water, flapping its gills and tails as it waits for two granules of food twice a day. She is alone and restless and the only activity is vigorous movement. Some of her brethren live in wells, some in ponds, some in rivers and rest in seas and oceans.

I am dark and live in a 1400 square foot apartment of concrete in a structure that’s 14 floors, facing another of 14 floor. My waking hours are mostly spent in commute and in office campus except for few in morning and evening which I either have for me or family/friends. I am restless as my limbs move, my mind and the muscles and the simulation it creates generates excitement during the passage of time. Some of my brethren live on street, on the ground and under the blue sky, some in villages and some in cities, divided by boundaries of nation and mind. Some skies are polluted and some are clear and star studded on a chilly wintry night.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The blind man

It was a small hut where goats and their young ones stay. The door is small so you have to bent and go in. The place smells of cow dung and the cows have been out for a stroll. Cute little goats were jumping around with ropes tied to their neck. The older ones are killed for human consumption. There was a small mud wall dividing the hut into a dark alley where nothing was visible.

A voice was heard and I wondered how darkness could talk. Something in kannada was spoken that meant who is that. Our eyes had not still adjusted to dark inside and we could only hear. I felt eerie as two white spots became clear to my sight that happened to be sockets of his eyes. An old man was sitting on the cot, he must have been lying but woke up with the chatter that we created.

Is that what happens to humans once they lose sight as rest of us live in good fresh concrete and they have to share smelly muddy indoors with goats and cows?

Meals would come to him thrice a day by a lady in the family and someone would take him out to answer nature's call.

The blind man was hard working and resourceful when he was young and his young ones now felt this is the best they could give to him.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

another village on tumkur road

The beauty.
The corn was young, soft and sweet and the fibers were silk. The tank was always there on the sides but until you climbed the bund it was never in sight. The fields are green and wet as we gingerly walked between them trying hard not to slip. The areca nuts(betal nuts) were reddish brown, lying in open, soaking sunlight to turn brown and white before they stimulated a person's taste buds. The plate on which a type of rice was served was thick,creamy,soft and was stripped from a areca nut tree. The rice itself had raw mango flavor but the fruit responsible was a mix of lime and lemon.The water pump had under ground cold water gushing out and relaxed the tired body when touched. The cow dung was fresh and on the streets.The big tree simply wanted you to sit. The lunch had raagi balls and its a challenge to gulp it without turning your tummy. The hill with view do not allow you to blink the eye. You are left wanting to explore more,climb more,dive more and walk more. People just walk past enquirying and understand that you are just another visitor from town. They share their produce and we consume with all our heart.

The travel.
Left bangalore around 8, got stuck in NH4 exit on tumkur road, a government bus put two parallel streaks on side of car that did not belong to me, 5th gear of Baleno came into play and I simply enjoyed the open roads. After dabbaspeth flyover we took a left and waited at the gate at railway crossing that was down hoping for a train to pass. The guys answered to nature as the kid wondered why men stand and they sit. The gatekeeper had mercy and opened the gate for the train was no where in sight. We hit the bottom of the car at a pit and rest of us walked to entry. We had breakfast, watched young goats, walked through and out of village, had lunch at a temple hall on hill, returned after a good wash under water pump to relish lime juice and bif goodbye.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Accident at hosur road

Everyday we travel by Hosur road and most of the days we hear stories about accidents but today a dumper met our bus from behind and crashed into the barricades in the side that are erected for construction of elevated highway.

The front glasses of dumper truck had smashed. I don’t know what happened to the driver.

It surely did scare the hell out of us. Life suddenly seems precious again and do we need to barter it on our daily commute to office.


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