Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why should my team go to a village for team party/ team building?

Lets consider the alternative in a dramatic way.

The team has been going to a crowded mall with multiplex, watching a movie in the dark on their separate seat and eating in a food court or nice restaurant with only the nearest four in conversation if at all and rest hidden in the din.

The team has been going to a resort with swimming pool, a little playground with some wet patches, a closed TT/badminton room and a garden with few flowers. Everything well laid out and limited property, kind of a zoo where there are predetermined cages for inmates to choose from.

The team has been going to a game alley, again a crowded haven these days with loud music and excess light, sometimes too bright, throwing balls, dancing to graphics and repeated computer noise or riding simulated bikes.

Lets consider a rural setting for a while.

An open green field, open skies, friendly people. A series of activities to choose from like hiking, walking, resting or listening and witnessing to another lifestyle. Some lucky ones can get fresh raw baby corn from fields, some can pluck fresh beans and munch, some can devour in tender coconut water plucked right in front of your eyes, some can put their heads in gushing water from water pump.

There is a whole act to be performed right from planning the unusual trip to reaching there and executing your pre-planned series of acts or deciding impromptu.

You choose your acts and your participation.

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