Sunday, October 21, 2007

The blind man

It was a small hut where goats and their young ones stay. The door is small so you have to bent and go in. The place smells of cow dung and the cows have been out for a stroll. Cute little goats were jumping around with ropes tied to their neck. The older ones are killed for human consumption. There was a small mud wall dividing the hut into a dark alley where nothing was visible.

A voice was heard and I wondered how darkness could talk. Something in kannada was spoken that meant who is that. Our eyes had not still adjusted to dark inside and we could only hear. I felt eerie as two white spots became clear to my sight that happened to be sockets of his eyes. An old man was sitting on the cot, he must have been lying but woke up with the chatter that we created.

Is that what happens to humans once they lose sight as rest of us live in good fresh concrete and they have to share smelly muddy indoors with goats and cows?

Meals would come to him thrice a day by a lady in the family and someone would take him out to answer nature's call.

The blind man was hard working and resourceful when he was young and his young ones now felt this is the best they could give to him.

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