Friday, April 08, 2011

Why Anna Hazare is a role model?

We look up to him. We seek his words. We seek inspiration and get from him.

We did not witness Mahatma Gandhi. We are witnessing Gandhi incarnate.

His humility, honesty and courage stands out. He decides to move and the nation follows him. He decides to fast and nation is with him.

He brought in Right to information act. He is bringing corruption to death.

He is not a sports star, not a business house, not a film actor.

He has single focus. He will live and die for India and its people. A social activist.

No accumulation. No money. No cars. No airplanes.

A simple life. A simple house. A simple village.

A former soldier who is shaping India of tomorrow.

Issues he takes are the issues that hurt us all.

Healing he brings will soothe us all.

The beauty of his protest is that you don't have to do anything. Just be there. Just pray. Just sing. Just dance. He will carry the pain of thinking, planning, execution.

In a society in which we seek nook and corner for role model, you have clearly emerged as the one.

We are and always will be with you.
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