Friday, April 08, 2011

Corruption unites India

India has got a single voice in form of Anna Hazare.

Corruption has eaten into development and shaken the morals of Indian society. We know it for a long time. Political parties have known it for a long time. There have been mild protests now and then. Numbers have been thrown in tonnes of losses we incurred due to corruption. There have been instances of whistleblowers losing their life.

No one had.
No one could.
No one dared.
We took it as part of our existence. An unnatural truth.
One man stood up.
One man held his head high.
One voice shook the nation.
A single voice has taken the imagination of youth.
A voice of a 73 year old gentleman who lives in village temple somewhere near pune.

He decided enough was enough.
The simmering have led to flames. Now the jungle is witnessing wildfire.
Corrupt will burn. Corrupt will be sentenced to jail.

A hope is born for a society. A movement is shaping up. A revolution to clean.
The new Gandhi  is marching.

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