Monday, February 07, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp

"I hid at different places, but everyone found me. They all were telling 'Your father photo came in newspaper today'. The words of 7 year old kid whose fathers photo came in newspaper courtesy @ourhousehelp. She went to the furthest park and played there. Kids do not like too much attention, I guess.

She was getting ready in the morning when the first call came from Bhavna. Sunil, her husband has seen the photo and wanted her to call us even though they knew we would be busy with packing kids to school. But sometimes happiness overflows and it showed. Its good to let it flow. Its infectious.

The poor paper was lying outside till then. With the call the paper was brought in and we opened the page number 2 of Bangalore Mirror. The photo was indeed there. Never before did I hold Bangalore Mirror with so much regard.

Janki called up and shared her happiness. Srinis father informed them in morning and she came to know from Srini.
Reetesh, the meta guy from Vrce , working for a IT firm here was happy to call me.
Bharath Bhushan called and shared his happiness.
Mayank, Himanshu sent SMSes. Himanshu shared the news with former carpoolkaro collegues of mine. Pavani was happy to know and wanted to know more.
My wifes friends were calling her and when she went out they mentioned it.
Sachin bhai was also very happy and mentioned that his idea has been selected in the top 20 of ET power of idea for  eO.

When I went out a kid going by on cycle screamed "Uncle आपकी फोटो पेपर में आई है."
Janki and Srini were coming back in car and stopped by to mention again.
Rafiq was passing by , coming back from office and the happiness was spread all across his face, despite the drive back from office.
Karthik was happy too and stopped his car with the kids. I was telling him the story when keertana, his nine year old girl clipped "Papa why dint you go to the conference." Cute.

Revathi Aunty was going for her regular walk when she stopped by and could not contain her happiness. I had to give her demo then and there and sell Google Powered Phones.
Are all phones of Samsung Google powered?
No Aunty, Only a few.
She was aghast when she saw the report on househelp. "Your cook was absent for four days in this month".
She said she would consult me when she wants to know more about Google phone. Congratulated again and went by.

I could only thank Google for giving me today and would remind them that I had to evangelize for them to many people today.

Would you overflow with joy on seeing your friend's photo in media? And pick up the phone and call them.

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