Sunday, February 06, 2011

Househelp unveiled at #mcb courtesy @mobilecampindia

It was fun at IIMB who were host to mobilecampindia which was co-sponsered by Flypp and Intel App-up. Thank you keshav, hari and rest of the 9 volunteers of momo's eleven.

The above all helped me to present @ourhousehelp otherwise known as househelp at android market. It was pure fun. I could notice few grim IIM professors smiling during the presentation. The positives were lifting as I described the journey so far. In brief heres a  gist for you. 

The idea belonged to my spouse who released the budget for me to buy Android powered Samsung Galaxy 5. I am also grateful to the thugs who took away my old Nokia and my love for Nokia in a tight BMTC ride. The development began in November end and househelp was released on Android market by end of december 2010. Now it has support for 51 languages and used by people across the globe. 

The power of presentation was so strong that audience had already downloaded app and were asking of features which I had not covered during presentation. Thank you Hari for providing me the first comment and rating just then and there. There were 4 more downloads added, courtesy the unconference.  

There were compliments post presentation and I was fortunate to take it and consume it on behalf of househelp. 

Post lunch Nishanth from Bangalore Mirror met and requested for photographs and interview. Did you know that he was still doing his studies as well as fulfilling his aspiration for being a journalist? 

Coming back I met Sanjeev Gopinath V who presented BunkBazaar and 
Srikanth Sankaran who have created Dijital Financial Advisor-The College Edition. They are in college and have 
already created applications which are relevant to their collegiate context. Bunkbazaar recieves ISD messages 
from its users from Africa and Pakistan thanking the developer for the cool app.

People from Nokia world wanted the apps on their devices too. 

I enjoyed kannada4english. Simply point your phone to kannada on BMTC, Road signs 
and get English translation and transliterations. The developers have developed a 
custom OCR algorithm to solve a personal hindrance.

Dhvani which creates music while you draw on the android was also cool. Amal tiwari is NID student. 

Coupon Dispenser by Andrydaa. You can manage your sodexho coupons better.

Google marketing team had the presentation title as "You can quit your day job". The potential of android apps
to finance your livelihood is not far off. Do you believe it?

How has Android helped you solve a personal challenge?

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