Thursday, February 03, 2011

Do you know your addiction? Can you create happiness?

I am this body. I need a stimulant to create sensation. The sensations through my sensory system create feelings. These feelings make me feel good or bad. This view is outside in.

Stimulants are like drugs. Initially small grams of drug powder make you feel high. Then with time your body gets used to that quantity of dose. You are forced to increase the amount of intake. The cycle is kicked in.

Stimulants generated feelings take you away from reality. They deceive you into a state which is unreal. A world where you are not creative, where you only react to external world. Your mind is not working but your body is reacting. This body reaction becomes your reality.

Take example of movie. You are connected to the anger in movie. You are connected with the emotions of the actor. What you feel is his/her enaction? They are not your feeling. They are sad, you are sad. They are happy, you are happy.

Take TV serial. You are addicted to watching them. If you dont get to see them, you feel denied. You create situations so that you are sitting in front of TV. The kid in your lap may be crying because he needs sleep but they are mere distractions. The spouse may be describing his day in office but its just another diversion. You are dependent on the characters in the serial. You dont give a damn to characters around you. If they are happy your household has calmer days, if they are angry, your household will go through a painful time with lots of shouting and blaming etc., Your kids could become your favorite punching bags, your de-stressors.

Take relationships. If I dont see you I feel sad. If I dont talk to you I feel angry. If you talk to somebody I dont like I feel mad. Are you the cause of my feeling?

Take video games. Look at the kids sucked into terminals. Do they have any awareness of their surroundings? When you see addiction you detest it, but your addiction may not be games. It could be cigarettes, alcohol, tea, coffee,reading, listening to music. It does not mean that you should dump all of them. It only means that you need to become aware of your own addiction. They have already taken over you. Did you know it?

My body is addicted to a stimulant. The thoughts are generated post experience of stimulant. The thoughts can be due to lack of stimulant. And you are sucked into a world which is not yours. This world has feelings of fear, deprivation, lack of, incompleteness, causes depression and makes you an animal.

When you shift your focus to who you really are? The power and purity of your existence. Then  you become creative. Its your mind which is creating its own thoughts. Its effects are reflected on the body. Your body glows. No creams. No clinics. No doctors. No masseurs.

You are a pure soul. Did you notice the period, yes the little dot which says its the final truth. You are a powerful being. You are source of bliss. You are life.

With thoughts so powerful you witness the truth. You cut away from stimulants. You snap dependencies. You float. 
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