Friday, January 14, 2011

How to make your kid ready and in time for School?

The School Van leaves at 8:10. There is anarchy at 8. Passions run high. Chaos is supreme. Everyone is panicked except the girl who has to catch the Van. She is sliding from one act to another like feathers on silk.

It is common to hear.
Don't you have sense of time?
Why are you day dreaming?
Dont you know what 8'o clock means?
जल्दी करो वर्ना वन छूट जाएगी,
जल्दी ब्रुश करो,
जल्दी पोट्टी करो,
जल्दी दूद पियो,
जल्दी कपडे पहनो,
जल्दी is utterly misused and loses its significance of its meaning.
You give up, Okay don't take bath today,
don't do combing today,
skip breakfast today.
Just go and catch your Van.

One day she left at 8:15. We were in balcony and no one was in sight. We were discussing that it would be a good lesson for her as she will miss her van today? But the mother could not hold her concern and requested, Why dont you drop her? I was firm, NO she has to learn her lesson. Then the Van came out of nowhere. And we missed an opportunity to let the lesson be learnt.

Yesterday was one such ugly morning when she was holding her brush at 8 and we were all pushing her to get ready fast.

So today I dreamed it would be different. Yesterday night told her the same story that her teacher is telling in her class in which Famous Five by Enid Blyton go in caravan at around 9PM. All earlier nights it would be past 10 when the kids would go to sleep.

Today morning She woke up at 6:50 AM, yesterday was at 7:20 AM ( The emphasis was on witnessing the beautiful and colorful morning, you see its orange and all). When we went to balcony it was already yellow. She looked at me. I said We just missed the orange, it got converted to yellow. Thankfully the yellow got converted to white and I could prove that look color does change.

She looked at the Ageing bamboos and yearned "Wish pandas were here". As she was lost in her story I shared 2 glasses of water with her. With so much water in, Who can stop call of Nature? She too had to. It was quicker today as water must have smoothened the bowel movements. Otherwise she sits around for about half an hour.

With a major victory to start with I devised the strategy to "Shock Mama before she wakes up". She bought into the concept and went ahead with brushing and bathing in a whisker.
She said I will have to do double bath today? (She did not take bath yesterday).

She was ready at 7:15 AM when her Mama woke up and was indeed shocked to see her in school uniform with socks on. She was so happy that she wanted this to happen everyday. But the younger one said "Only Fridays!!"
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