Friday, March 15, 2013

Gurudev with teachers

Gurudev is so different with art of living teachers. He looks so fragile, so approachable, so common yet leaves so much knowledge. If you are not an art of living teacher then you are missing a very human part of divine.

If he sneezes, he does not hide it or worries about napkins, nor bother to take away the mike from near the nose. In public, you would not even noticed if he has sneezed, he would quickly cover himself with napkins etc., switch off the mike and then come back smilingly. But here he would immediately exclaim "सब नाटक है", "Its all drama".

When he walks he can start acting like an old man, bent and shaking and looking here and there. If someone gives him a stick, he would hold that and show it as support. My eyes still have the views, if you have time then spend it looking in them ... the walk of the master.

When someone gives him a turban, he can shake it left and right or up and down, as if nodding yes or negating to the screams of teachers for attention. And he would look at the big screen and see himself nodding and shaking head so that he can see himself, amusing self and us all.

If a crow flies by overhead, he would act to get scared and dig deeper into his seat, his gaze following the flight of the crow. Unless the crow goes out of Yagnashala in Art of living ashram, he would notice it, in between conversations.

He would simply take support of railing and discuss little things with all around, near and far.

The best moments happen when you are noticing every movement of his with abated breath and sometimes later you lose sense of place and time and get lost in the space. Then, when you come back with vision back in your eyes, you find him looking deep inside you. The next moment the mundane begins.

Have you noticed it too or is it just me lost in the beauty of the divine....

Little things
to notice
only to show
its all a play

few seconds of walking like an old man video...for viewing rest become an art of living teacher :)

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