Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An evening with Michael Fischman

19th March 2012, would be remembered as the beautiful evening in the company of +Michael Fischman and  +Sahil Jagtiani.

Sahil mesmerized us with devotional rocking music, a variant of bhajans in common parlance. Most of us simply danced and floated in the space of love created by his music.

Michael presence was spellbound on all present. His meditation took us to depth and control that I did not believe existed before.

I could remember following from Michael's talk, if I missed something do add in comments.

Mikey, as he is fondly known as has been in Guru's grace since 1979. Yet, he is humble, approachable, a father figure, a counselor, an epitome of devotion. People just lined up to get his sign on his book "Stumbling into Infinity", a truthful and direct account of his life that was edited more than 5 times before it was accepted and released to its first publisher.

The book is an expression of his experiences with life and meditation  Guruji told him once that his experiences will inspire many and so he wrote the book.

Guru's gaze
In 1979 when Guruji looked from the car into my eyes, I simply melted and cried like a baby, wailing  releasing whatever was stuck inside me. How many of you have felt the gaze and grace of Guru? Hasn't it filled yourself with love, pure, unconditional.

Ego busting
I was a marketing Guru and packed a house for Guruji but he did not turn up for the event. I was so proud of my marketing skills and it just got busted. Art of living is also a chaotic place where people in authority seem to have lot of ego. That leader could be you but have you noticed that your ego also keeps busting once in a while, until you reach a stage where it dissolves and you delve into your very nature.

For me it was Guruji who cleared the ego out of my way, for you there would be many situations and people around you who would help you deal with your ego and let you become free from it. Don't fight it. You know whatever resist does persist. Let it simply go.

Concepts and Celibacy
Take the middle path. Be natural in your response to sex. It may be a concept in your head but you need to break it to feel the release from it. There are so many concepts that we build in our lives, +Art of Living is breaking free from those concepts. Sex is one such concept and as human you will have to address it some point or other in life, but if you make it a concept then you will struggle with it. Your mind will destroy you. But if you let is happen then it becomes second nature.

Sudarshan Kriya
Sudarshan kriya clears the emotional block. Mikey had been practicing Transcendental meditation for almost 12 years before he learnt the kriya. The first time he did the kriya it was 2.5 hours long, they were asked to close their eyes and he continued to hear this voice "continue"..."continue", he was not sure if it was a make voice or female voice. In those days, Guruji himself took the course, the points were same then and are same now, the kriya is same too, nothing has changed.

Once he did the kriya something cleared and his meditations thereafter were much deeper.

Sadhana and Meditation
Every day, twice, sadhana and meditation is must.
If you have not learnt Sahaj then learn it, its the simplest way to slip into meditation, effortlessly. Once you are done with your pranayama, kriya then do mediation.
Your seva and daily mundane activities can dry the life out of you, Your sadhana brings back, rejuvenates and brings you closer to your enlightenment.

Shame on teachers who are not meditating twice a day, meditation is art of living and your courses will go well if you practice meditation and the course points in your daily life.

Service and Responsibility
If you want the guard at Guru's kuteer to salute you and allow you to go in any time you wish too then initiate a project of national importance. Get few people alongside and seek the blessings of Gurudev for the project and execute it. You will get many opportunities to interact with the Master in his physical presence.

Take responsibility.
You can be shy and sit in one corner and nobody will notice you.
You can decide to bring change in your neighborhood, your nation. Then you will have criticism. Guruji is criticized for his political and spiritual forays because he is on a constant run to transform society, nations.

Guruji mentioned sometimes back that now the organization can run for hundreds of years on its own and he can retire, but he wants to devote the next 12 years of his life to India. That is why we have projects like Volunteer for better India, Kumudavathi river rejuvenation project in bangalore.

First, it was the book "Stumbling into infinity" that brought me close to the Master and now the man himself who has cleared my priorities in life.

Thank you +Michael Fischman , you are the sun who is clearing many a ignorances for now and for time immemorial.

Thank you +Hariharan Mani , for giving this opportunity to attend and be part of the event. Thank you every other soul that was part of the evening and bless one and all.

Jai Gurudev!!

A part of the talk video, the phone memory just gave up and so its incomplete...

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