Saturday, June 08, 2013

Why so much pain and trouble in the world?

Why is there so much trouble and pain in and around us? It's simply to keep the compassion alive. Otherwise compassion will be a thing of past.

How about a movie where the actor gets up, gets ready, goes to work, does work, comes back, eats and then sleeps. And this continues for many days. Would you like such movie? Chances are that you will not like it.

How about a villain in movie or a tough situation? Then the movie has action and excitement. God also loves fun. In that sense, he is just like you. He gives just enough trouble so that you experience the opposites. Even in a natural calamity when people perish they go and merge with him, they they come back again based on their karmas.

In marriage too we are engrossed with what the partner does and behaves? We go to extreme and bend over hell to change and transform them. But what happens? Either they change or they remain same. Its not important what happens to them. Its what happens to you that is more important.

God has given enough buttons for everyone to be pushed. God has also given people around who will push your buttons at their will and wish. If you have this knowledge then you let the triggers pass. If you don't have this knowledge then you react, struggle with the situation, insult or get insulted, get angry etc.,

The choice is still yours. If others know your buttons chances are even you know them. If you know it and then too you get pushed into a reaction then there is no greater fool today. 
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