Friday, June 07, 2013

What is Om?

Today saw the video in which Dr. Eben Alexander described his near death experience. Gurudev has been citing his example in last few satsangs as to how an ardent christian went into coma and found that heaven is pure bliss, a light and sound show. Tremendous light and continuous resonance of sound of OM.

In the video poor Oprah is dramatically asking and interrupting with nonsensical questions like How does God look like? What is his face like? Is it it or he or she or no gender? Bhagvad Geeta says only fools limit the God into human face or appearance.

She further probes the sound of OM as coming out of OMniscient, OMnipotent etc., Nice try but silly question.

OM has no beginning and no end. Our true name is OM. We are born out of OM and we merge into OM. In between we are given a name in this human form which we wrongly attach to and consider as our identity.

Buddhist have called OM as अनाहत। The sound that is made by single hand clap.  आहत  is the sound of clap made by both palms.

Sikhs have called it as एक ओमकार , सत  नाम। There is only one name and that true name is OM.

Don't lose your true identity. Don't lose your OMliness at any cost. 
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