Monday, June 03, 2013

The king within

At the beginning of chapter 9 of Bhagvad Geeta, Lord Krishna says  that I would give you the greatest secret that is known only to the kings.

As we know the king do not do much work, they simply sit on throne and rule. They listen and observe most of the time. They set up rules and regulation for the kingdoms. The senses of the kingdom live within the confines of the rules.

If the senses break rules they pay a penalty. Some penalties are instant whereas some keep dragging for a while. Sometimes the reason of the punishment is obvious and sometimes it's hidden from the present memory.

The nature is the King's creation. It is the beautiful maya of the lordship. वो सत्ता जो हममें है। वो सत्ता जो हम पर राज करती है।

The karma cycles and planetary movements have impact on our being. That is the system of justice created by the Lordship.

We can stay with the प्रकृति, nature. We can stay and get lost in the Maya and never know the ruler.

We can understand that its all because of some planets like Rahu/Shani etc., and do nothing about it.

We can understand that its the fruits of our action/karma that we are paying and stop there.

We can experience all the above as a witness.

The movement from participant to the witness is the path to meet the King within.

The only way to get closer is to continue to do more actions that are aligned with the system of the King. The soul is the real king. The ego is just an atom that seems to have displaced the soul. But if you go closer you will meet and experience the true and the natural King of your throne.

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