Monday, June 03, 2013

Shaky bones and lifelong disease #sugarkills

White Sugar has sulphur
Bones have calcium

calcium build bones
sulphur drains calcium
sulphur delays bone hardening

people at young age
complain osteoporosis
weakening bones
knee joints

slowly every sip of
tea, coffee ...
with tonnes of white sugar
weakens bones

Another analogy by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar can strike the point home.

You struggle to chew and eat six inches of sugar cane.

What will happen to you if you eat 20 ft of sugar cane. You may very well, exhaust and faint.

It takes 40 ft of sugarcane to make 4 tea spoonful. You gulp it in a sip. What will happen to your body which is not designed to digest so much sugar? Your probability of diabetes simply skyrockets.

Sugar has sulphur and it drains calcium from bones. It is a gift created by Britishers. They have created a market for sugar for their businesses. And we are still drinking toast to it.

Replace that with jaggery which has zinc, potassium and other minerals. Minerals strengthen the body.

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