Monday, December 02, 2013

Relevance of art of living in this age and time

What is art of living? What does it mean to you?

Art of living has taken a holistic approach to resolve human mind and life.

It has sudarshan kriya, a breathing technique to give you most powerful of experiences in the shortest available time. If you do vipassana or any other technique then you may feel a sensation on 8th or 9th day of the course. In sudarshan kriya you get the same sensation in 10 mins or maybe half an hour.

When you do the art of meditation or the advance/part 2 programme, you go deepen into the depths of the spirit and discover soft skills that were non-existent before, beside the supernatural experiences.

If you just like to sing and dance then AOL (art of living) has satsang every evening at art of living international ashram on kanakapura road in Bangalore from 6:30 PM. On most days people have questions and on all days people get answers.

If you believe in a social cause like environment or rights of girl child then AOL has collaborated with UN bodies to bring out awareness on same to the masses.

If you have inclination for organic farming then AOL grows mangoes to vegetables to Indian masalas and seeds.

If you need permanent cure for your illnesses then AOL has extracted the ancient knowledge of ayurveda into everyday medicine and for maintaining the hygine.

It is an organization with time tested methods to enhance your living. The methods are scientifically proven and you would have met somebody who has experience some miracle since being on THE PATH.

I would have missed more. If you know add in comments.

For the rest, ignorance is bliss.

A last word - Give life a chance to blossom to its full potential.

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