Thursday, December 19, 2013

When will police file compaint?

There was theft in Novadaya Nagar, Kothnur dinne road in IT capital of India, Bangalore. The owner of the house went out between 7 and 9 PM and the thief broke in through the back door, threw all the clothes around and took away a canon SLR camera and projector.

Around 10PM the police control room was called. We had to wait in queue before the call was answered with the option to call few other numbers in rush. Finally, a lady took the call and the complaint. 2 policeman were swiftly in about 15 minutes.

The owner went through the routine of how it might have happened. They kept on insisting that the theft was because there was bike which was not cleaned for many days, and was kept outside house. It has been there for so many months then theft should have happened every day, correct?

We asked them to discuss the matter with the labours who were working in neighbouring site/building. They refused and said first file complaint with Mr Manjunath from Subramanya police station before 10 AM tomorrow.

The owner went along with another person who knew kannada to file complaint. They met Mr Manjunath and he listened to them patiently and asked them to file the complaint.  Once he left there was no one to take the complaint as if it was hot potato?

Finally, the owner kept on trying on Mr Manjunath, the sub inspector's mobile and he said that he was busy in creating awareness about law in some school. He asked to come in the evening.

I don't know when the police will file complaint.
I don't know when the lost items will be recovered.
Yes, I am talking from one of the most developed cities in India. Its not a remote indian village story.
Its crystal clear that thieves don't fear law.

How was your experience with the Indian police? How much time they take to file complaint? Did they ever recover the items lost by you?

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