Friday, December 13, 2013

KNOW discretion, NO karma

Yesterday in evening satsang, someone asked Gurudev a very valid question?

Will there be a time when all humans will be happy or will they always be in pursuit of happiness?

Gurudev replied 

  1. It is like asking will all flowers bloom at same time? No, Every flower has a season, every flower withers.
  2. It is like asking will there be sunshine always? No, somedays are cloudy, all days end in night. 
  3. But happiness has touched every heart at some time or other. Is it not? Tell me one person has not been touched by happiness at any point in their life.
  4. When happiness comes by itself it is the fruit of your karma. Your past deeds and actions suddenly make you feel happy someday. Your karma also makes you miserable and ruthless on other days. You remain in grip of karma as long as you are in ignorance. 
  5. Post ignorance is the phase of acquiring knowledge, assimilating and creating a understanding of who we are and why does it have to be this way?
  6. Once the viveka (discretion)विवेक comes in your life. You get out of grips of the karma. The hold of karma loosens and you slowly start becoming free. 
  7. know DISCRETION, no KARMA
To another question on issue of homosexuality, the following points came through
  1. It is a preference of the individual and it varies with time and phase of your life.
  2. People label them as gay,lesbian at different times in their life. 
  3. We all have the male and female influence within us. 
  4. There are three bodies that we have.
    • gross
    • subtle
    • causal
  5. The causal body is independent of sex identity. The gross and subtle bodies have tendencies influenced by the sex identity. 
  6. Life is a journey from gross to the subtle to the cause of this all. It is worth spending time and energy knowing who we are, why we are here and what is this world all about? 
  7. Instead we lose time in labelling ourselves as gay, lesbian, homosexual.  
  8. Sometimes married people change their preference and feel guilty about it. They try to hide it and become more miserable doing so. 
  9. When we are children the sexual tendencies are not there, when we are old they are not there. Only when we get into teenage do they start displaying and remain for few more decades before dying of. 
  10. Celibacy then happens by itself. You don't have to make an effort.  
  11. Problem occurs when you enforce celibacy. 

On children's education
  1. Information should not be stuffed into the brain.
  2. Children should be taught to express their emotions.
  3. Children should be taught to express life as celebration.
  4. They should learn to manage their emotions and identity.
Learn to let go. Just loosen up.

Forgive the act and the person but do take appropriate action if injustice has been done.

Forgiveness is for your self. To rest your mind and take it away from misery. 
Action is for the betterment of your environment and society. 

Godliness has to be expanded. 
  1. In our culture we treat guest as God. अतिथि देवो भव. 
  2. children as form of God.
  3. parents as form of God. 
  4. Then for some nature is God. 
  5. Every particle is an expression of God.
  6. We must appreciate and KNOW THAT. 
When everything becomes GOD then we get broader vision. In broadness little things don't matter. Then are able to lift our spirits higher. The mind looses the grip of little conflicts. The body becomes free of constrictions and restricting muscles. Every cell in the body and mind expands. Then we become free. 

How is your journey of becoming free going on?

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