Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to overcome ill effects of planets?

The skies were getting dark. There was a gentle breeze. The dark clouds simply stopped to move over head. There was no sign of the bright moon. Gurudev's hair were gently floating around. A time to sit back and enjoy his mere presence.

The satsang today was several notches higher than yesterday. Yesterday Gurudev had to intervene to give it some life.

Gurudev was enthusiastic about the rapid fire questions on Sunday Satsang. The team asking the questions went overboard. Sometimes in over enthusiasm we are not able to sense the guidance provided by the master.

First sign.
The master was eager to come and sit.

Second sign.
Even during his meditation the master was capturing the minds of his devotees. Finally, when he brought the mike closer he wanted to stay in the moment. A time and sign for the restless to display some patience and wait. Such is the time when knowledge directly comes from the master without any questions.

Third sign.
The people asking question said "Children"
Gurudev said "What about children?"
They said "The word is children".
Gurudev did not answer. Still they did not get it.

Next word was "Jai Gurdev". Gurudev tried to deflect it but then started playing the rapid fire game slowly and steadily.

Jai Gurudev
    Yeah, we use it everywhere, wish in different types of day, for thank you, welcome, in excitement and so on.
    Do not do spiritual shopping.

    Difficult to maintain harmoniously but one should nevertheless try and not give up.
I forgot the rest. If you remember do leave in the comment.
Finally, since the signs were not getting through. He said, enough, a little of everything is good.

They did not get it, fortunately stopped the rapid fire and asked a question instead.

Meanwhile Gurudev was fidgeting with Bhagvad Geeta, opened it and closed it. He seemed to be in the mood to start next chapter but then closed it and kept it aside.

He went ahead and answered the question on "The fear of Rahu and Sani causing fear, losing faith".

    It is a good time to go inward. The whole objective of shani/saturn is to let you go inward. Once you are settled with your inner being shani has no role to play in your life. Same is true of Rahu or ketu. The moment we are lost in the outside world shani and friends come and give us little jolts here and there to wake us up.
    Astrology is jyotish vidya, its the spark/light that takes you to your true self. Its science so its little knowledge helps but getting overwhelmed by it is detrimental. Its nice to blame planets which are far away for the mistakes in and around you. Atleast, you are not blaming yourself or people close to you. That way the blame is getting deflected to something which is far away. You cannot go and make it right there so instead you have upchaar or corrections which you can make here.
    The best correction is to go into the devotion of the supreme lord of all planets, Shiva. Just chant "Om Namah Shivaye" and you will be freed of all ill effects of planetary movements. You still may have problems but they will be mild.

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