Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rekindle passion

Why is passion not understood well?
What is passion?
Is passion destructive to spiritual growth?
Is passion one sided road to hell?

Passion can confuse.
When you work in the world you will get into many types of people. Some intelligent and some foolish. A misguided passion/जोश may want you to be jealous of intelligent and make mockery of the foolish. Jealousy could lead to unhealthy competition. Mockery could further dip their morale.

In your drive to success become aware of what you ransack. Your bulldozing attitude may have been hard earned but may not be the way of success.

Success happens when you gain and everybody around you also gain.
It is not when other around you are crushed. Their evolution is as much your responsibility as theirs.

Seeing God in Guru is simple, anybody can and does experience divinity in the realized masters.

Seeing God in foolish person around you is challenge and requires effort. These are the people who dwell in your mind and in your meditations. They come and stay put in your heart. The more you try to drive them out the harder they stay put.

Wisdom is to see God in everyone in meditation. Once in the world see them as they are. If they come as thief then you become police. If they come as patient then you become doctor. If they display anger you counter it with serenity. And so on. Do it passionately and regularly.

Take up project that evolve you as well as the society, the people around you. If you passion is to create wealth for the self alone then you may be limited but if your goal becomes to create wealth in the society then you will get back in manifold. Same with environment, natural resources, social evils ...

Distribute your energies. They are for the world.

Let your passion be to create a better world, for you and people around you.

Inspired from words of wisdom by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji on the occasion of his birthday at beautifully built Guru Paduka open air amphitheater at +Art of Living ashram at Bangalore.

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