Friday, May 24, 2013

Why is death so fearful?

The fundamental fear is of death.

Let us prove it.

Death by definition is dying of human body. When this body becomes lifeless, it is called as death. It is fearful because what you witness as lively human being is suddenly motionless and cold. Sometimes it's painful and other times its unnoticeable.

If you want to know what happens, before, during and after death then find time to listen to Katopanishad - a commentary by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

Here we will work on the premise and try to prove it. Yes, the first sentence in this blog.

For proving, I will borrow a term "mini death" from the commentary. It will  differentiate death from the one that signifies loss of human body. "mini death" is not the loss of human body, clear. Ok, lets continue.

If I want Masala Dosa, the restaurant does not have it. What happens?
If I want promotion, the manager ignores me completely? What happens?
You are offered fruit after you had heavy breakfast. What happens?
You want to go for a movie show, the friends simply want to stroll? What happens?
You want pizza but your family takes you to burgers. What happens?
You are asked to make the most imported presentation and you stammer. What happens?
Your proposal to most beautiful girl (according to you) gets rejected. What happens?

What happens is  "mini death"?

When your desires die without expected outcome your state of being is in mini death.

The outcomes of mini death are visible and can be experienced in human body and mind.
Some of the outcomes are

  • its okay
  • how can you do so
  • how can you be so unreasonable, irrational, selfish, insensitive ....
  • i have been harboring this desire for so long and now you kill it 
  • if you were not my spouse i would have ...
Some of the feelings that come through are 
  • anger
  • frustration
  • worry
Let us explore worry. Worry gives longevity to mini death. It gradually diminishes life out of you. The more you worry the more you mini die. You build life on fear foundation. 

So you build a pattern. You desire something and when you act of the desire there is this overwhelming fear that something will go wrong. As Gurudev says "fear needs to be like salt in food and not the food itself otherwise food becomes uneatable". 

The expression of the fear in the body is pain. That is why the constrictions happens in the breath, the breath get short and quick. There is thickening near chest. There is churning in the stomach. 

The expression of the fear in mind is suffering. Worry being a glaring example of same. Its like holding the garbage can and moving around with it. The mind has the capability of recording and replaying your suffering.  The more it replays the deeper the impression becomes. The deeper the impression the harder for you to erase it. 

Then what is the cure. Sleep and or MEDITATION.

The pain in the body can come and go, you cannot have pain for 24 hours. If you are not able to release the stress in the body your sleep will. In sleep you allow nature to heal your body and mind without you knowing it. In meditation you heal your body and mind knowing it and hence its manifold powerful than sleep.

They say in meditation we die, 
when we die each time we meditate then fear of death also dies. Then we start to live.

When the real death happens you don't even notice it. "You have eaten death

The above quote is by by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in his commentary on katopanishad. To know the complete death story buy and listen with your friends to the kathopanishad. It should be available any +Art of Living divine store near you or by phone at 1800 258 8888 in India.

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