Monday, May 27, 2013

Enthusiasm and Commitment

On a lazy sunday afternoon when most people hit the bed after watching movies like Jolly LLB, I too was at the crossroads.

The choice was
  1. Agree to tamas (तमस) and allow the human body to sleep in the day 
  2. Go to ashram and witness satsang in Gurudev presence
The family said No for accompaniments. They went to sleep.

The other usual suspects were not going or were in Ashram.

I said, I have to go (commitment). Anyways its 3 hours and its worth spending in the company of the master. The tamas vaporized. The decision made. The movement began. 

I did not want to take my car (enthusiasm) as I was alone.

When I was walking towards the main gate of the apartment complex, I was wondering about the 3 km walk to nearest bus stop to take the BMTC bus (public transport - commitment) from konankunte cross roads. I remembered another soul which has moved in Brigade Gardenia (apartment complex) recently. I had earlier messaged him and did not want to disturb thinking he would be snoozing by now. Since , no reply came I did not dare call. 

But, with my tamas dispersed I placed the call and he asked me to wait for 5 mins. I waited on Main gate for 20 mins and he did turn up. We went to the ashram to attend the satsang at 4:30 PM last sunday, in his car. 

The satsang was not so vibrational so Gurudev rendered a song and lead and showcased the satsang mandaly to raise their level. Heres the video of the same

There was a rapid fire from children doing the Ancient Wisdom and Colors of Joy programs in the +Art of Living ashram. Here some excerpts.

Enthusiasm and Commitment
There are two ways to get a job done. Either you are entusiastic about it or your are committed to complete it. When you take your own car out to go somewhere its enthusiasm. When you take public transport then its commitment.

It should be part of your life.

Sri Sri
Always there for you.

Ashram and art of living
To make you happy

Just a little to initiate action

Few lucky ones

In bad shape

I forgot the rest, if you remember do add them in comments.

During the satsang he also read a research report that quotes that Jersey cow milk is the cause of many diseases because of excess of some strain of protein whereas the desi cows have another strain which is beneficial to human body. What milk do you drink or give your kids?

devotees rapt in masters attention

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