Friday, May 24, 2013

Where do thoughts come from?

At times you wonder, do you create thought or are they created for you? If I am not the thought generator then how do they come into existence? If its a mystery still, then read on, you may stumble on some truth.

Thoughts have a certain purpose. They express in words. Words have their limitation but thoughts are made up of words and thus have limited expression. There is an urge to express and that urge is fulfilled via the thought medium. Now, what is that urge to express? Why is it so strong? Why can't it be controlled, regulated?

It is said that thoughts simply come. You cannot regulate or plan for your next thought. They just pound and pouch at their own leisure.

Its a beautiful phenomenon if you love laid back experience. These days nobody wants to touch the remote or the mouse and change videos, they should simply keep playing, changing as we warm the couches.

Today in sahaj meditation similar curiosity arose, a question to know the origin of thought. And some insights were found. Hold on, will share with you in a moment. These days of reality shows have enforced those ticking moments before truth is revealed. You can have your ad break if you wish.

okay, so here we are for the finale.

Impressions are etched all across and in every cell of ours, from many life times. They are fully exposed and visible in human body and lifetime (To know what happens to them after death, listen to kathopanishad - a commentary by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji).

Impressions have an urge to express. One component of that expression is thought. Thought may result in action or inaction. In either case if the thought is not allowed to pass the way it came then it creates another impression (this observation is also called as meditation). And the cycle continues.

If the expression of impression is simply observed and let go then it erases itself from your blueprint, your DNA. Thus, it is observed that people who have been meditating for a while have little or no impressions left.

What happens when all impressions are erased. Infinity is born. Light is visible. Your true self comes into the fore. The self which has been playing hide and seek comes aplomb with full expression. Sometimes your body cannot take it and you are confused but it does not retires and keeps coming back.

When the self expresses, its poem, painting, music, dance, inventions, blessings....

So if you are still feeling thick and dense inside, let it be. Learn any meditation and regularly practice it. Someday you too will be a complete expression of bliss.

content inspired by Gurudev's commentary on Kathopanishad - that unravels and reveals mysteries of death ...To know the complete death story buy and listen with your friends to the kathopanishad. It should be available any +Art of Living divine store near you or by phone at 1800 258 8888 in India.

bottomline --

The knowledge of death springs life....
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