Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Every moment a celebration

It is your very nature. If you do not have tension then you express love. You are made up of love. 
Young ones watching TV
Kids till 5-6 years of age should NOT be put in front of TV. The cartoons and other programs activate their brain more than their age and later they become dull for life. If necessary, beyond six not more than one hour of TV per week for kids.
What is yours that you can surrender? This body is Gods. Everything in and around you belongs to THE GOD. When I say Surrender it only means to unload yourself of the weight that you are carrying, the lack that you are experiencing, the worry, the botheration, the tension that you are living with. Offer it as आहुति to me, into the feet of your Guru, your loved one, anybody who is very dear to you. Just feel the release, let go.
 Types of questions
You know there are five types of questions that people ask.
  1. Out of misery, pain
  2. Out of Anger
  3. Out of the space that they know and to check if you know or not
  4. To make their presence felt
  5. Genuine -  जिज्ञासु 
 The first four are not looking for answer. They just want to be heard. The fifth one is a seeker and knows that you know the answer and therefore asks with all sincerity. 
 What to do when you receive such question? 
  1. Listen grimly, do not smile else you will get quite a mouthful
  2. same as 1 but you may be thrashed too if you smile
  3. say "Oh, you know so much, I really don't know answer to that" and with a smirk uplift the spirit of other some more
  4. They would look here and there after the question and you too look here and there and don't answer.
 Every moment a celebration.
In India we celebrate New Moon Day as well as the Full Moon Day. The moon has certain effect on the mind. Your regular days need not be morose. Make everyday a celebration, एक पर्व की तरेह हर दिन होना चाहिए। 

 The above points were provided by Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in +Art of Living  satsang at Bangalore ashram on 7th May 2013.
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