Thursday, November 29, 2007

ruralzing the success story

A trip was organized by for Bangaloreans to visit HaleNijagal on Tumkur road on 25th November 29, 2007.There were 14 individuals that turned up through either our network or website ( Few were on complimentary passes. Everybody paid for the food/guide and transport cost.


There were from diverse backgrounds but all were urban dweller eking out a living in urban Bangalore. They were our guest for the day. The age group would start in twenties and go in early forties.

Everybody had a fun-filled day and they left the day wanting to have it started a little earlier. The breakfast, lunch and snacks were prepared at host home. The guide and rural games were organized by the Host. It also included a eco walk through village and its fields and it temples. We met many interesting people enroute and there was lot told about village history, rituals and flora and fauna.

The host hospitality was well appreciated and even at the end of tiring day their were only smiles to be exchanged.


We hope that this fun exclusive trips would someday turn into educative and developmental nature.


We need your support to extend this concept to your neighborhood. Please connect us with educationist/industrialists/politicians/government officials who like to enable and transform rural India.

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