Saturday, November 10, 2007

What is the objective? Why is angst anti-objective?

A simple question. Few complex answers. It is easy to list the questions. It is difficult to explore answers. Therefore I will list only and allow you to explore.

Why do I randomly browse Internet? Is it to kill time? Is it to learn?

What do I want to achieve in the next 2 hours? Or can I simply attempt to do something with focus and attention and in order to meet an objective?

Why does the mind scheme, calculate and nurse a hurt? What is the objective in getting back at someone with equal animosity and hurt-back?

Why are hurt resident and creativity non-resident in mind?

Why did I walk at 5 AM on a Saturday morning?

Why do I give so much attention to my child and why is it only sometimes?

Why do birds sings, winds blow in face and the nature is scenic spot?

Why don’t I buy gold?

Why should I give back to society?

Why should I live?

Why should I die?

Why should I participate in this cycle of life?

Guruji says "Angst is due to thoughts. Thoughts of past or future." Can we have thoughts of present. Not possible. Present is an experience. Each experience has a location, interaction. Each experience creates feelings. Feelings form impressions. Mind is a battlefield to fight impressions using armory of thoughts.

Personal hurt can take away life from you and you would not even know about it.You can change your objective and decide not to focus on them instead.

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