Saturday, January 19, 2013


You come to me to say
You lost the fire
You lost the zeal

You forgot
Deep within
the fire is eternally lit

covered in ash
our visions are blurred
what we grab
just burns

Some satisfy the
fire of taste and touch
fire to see and hear
that does not last long
as you have known
from own experience
and history

Greatest of all is
the fire to dissolve
the desire
the lust
the fury
may look difficult
to achieve

pause to see
in meditation
you can feel,  touch
breathe, smell
gently as you
become the fire
your destiny

deep within
the fire is a
soft melody

let the wind blow
away the ash
of ignorance, ego

for the fire will glow
forever and more

You are fire
a lamp long lit
feel the warmth
get insight
what you see is not
what you have become

You are fire
Move like one
Dissolve differences
burn small egos
let all the selves
you touch along
enlighten, enflame
in pure love
unconditional, grace

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