Friday, January 18, 2013

How to become Art of Living teacher?

Many have asked how to get the long sudarshan kriya tape. 
Many want to blossom in this lifetime itself.
Many want to know their true potential and self. 
Many simply want to give back to society.
Many just like to give.
Many want to get enlightened.
Many ask what sudarshan kriya is.
So, if you are one of the many then follow the guideline below

This is a 18 step guide.
  1. Do Sahaj Samadhi meditation course.
  2. Do a Art of Living Part 1 course.
  3. Practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly followed by Sahaj Samadhi.
  4. Do a Art of Living Part 2 course.
  5. Practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly and keep applying locks and Sahaj Mantra.
  6. Do a Art of Living DSN (Divya Samaj Ka Nirman) course.
  7. Listen to Ashtavakra knowledge tapes/CDs from +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji (Guruji).
  8. Listen to Patanjali yogasutras knowledge tapes/CDs from Guruji.
  9. Listen to Narada bhaktisutras knowledge tapes/CDs from Guruji.
  10. Attend weekly followup regularly at a art of living center close to you. 
  11. Volunteer and organize courses in your neighborhood. You need the energy of others who come into the path DUE to you. Its a subtle recommendation engine. 
  12. Regular means just that. If you miss a day, then the process begins anew :).
  13. Do a Art of Living Part 2 course, again. Yes, if you are lucky few bursts of energy here and there would set the path right for you. Now, for me the Art of living is the only WAY. For you, you have to discover. Keep meditating.
  14. Do Sri Sri Yoga part 1 and or part 2.
  15. Do pre-TTC (Teacher's Training Course). A chance to renew your seva energy and a glimpse into your capabilities.
  16. If you are lucky, you may qualify for TTC.
  17. Do TTC. You will undergo processes that will bring out the best that is needed for you. You will also learn the secrets of So Ham सो हम. You will also learn what is sudarshan kriya सुदर्शन क्रिया and what it is not?.
  18. If you are lucky, you may qualify to become teacher. The roller coaster begins.
If I have over-stepped or have gone undercover then please highlight the misses or simply throw some kudos. 

If you are overwhelmed, Nevermind. 

You want to go to Mt Kailash because you know the magnanimity of Himalayas. 

Welcome home.
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