Monday, January 28, 2013

Intense eyes

With a cushion in hand
slipping below me
As I squatted
bent down to sit
my eyes went for HIM

HE was in nadi shodhan
The other eye covered
in the shadow of palm
the one eyed SAINT
looked deep into me

HIS eyelids fluttered
eyes rolling up
the look pierced
through me

My movement stopped
my glance was stuck
HIS eyelids shut

My eyes closed
the rudra puja chantings
had already begun

Body lost
Mind went down ages
Outlines of emotions
people and situations

the sam veda chants
took consciousness
further away
uncharted territories
sometimes familiar

om namah shivaye
brought back the life
to its present moment
monday morning blues
were set to begin

Eyes went locking HIM
with stare
Every movement noticed
Every gesture followed

And then the eyelids
seemed to move
opened to give a glimpse
the intense look
sharpened something within

just a fraction open
with immense power

HIS eyes went shut again
Opened and closed a few times
now only looking in front

HIS hands were offering
flowers to rudra linga
aarti performed
gratitude expressed
via vibrations

HE must have glanced at time
Wrapped up puja
the smile opened up
and the look went across
Vishalaksi mantapa
touching all longing hearts

HE stood and flew
into a distant dream...

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