Monday, January 28, 2013

Surya, the baby elephant

His neck was bruised
with all night struggle

He ignored the pain
to break the bondage

futile attempts
to set him free

he was taken away
from his mother

they said he was infant
easier to separate

his eyes filled
with tears
eyelids had
dried tears

with humans around
now he will only
develop fear

thick rope in neck
pains his hurt

only stays there
trunk stretched to be
fed by mahout hands
washed and bathed
in the Tunga
visitors take photo
kids say he is cute
pity his conditions
wonder his blood clots

rest of Suryas family
stood there near each other
as exhibits in museum
with name and age
to disclose to curious visitors

To pass some money
from visitors to mahout hands
in exchange
put trunk  on their heads
apparently a blessing
from the cursed elephants

for humans only
care to domesticate

the beast of wild freedom
now slave to human brain

Met Surya at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shivmoga, Karnataka.

Will YOU do something to STOP infant elephants from being separated from their natural rights to receive their mother's love?
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