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Aadhar Card Enrollment drive at brigade gardenia

Thank you Brigade gardenia apartments owners association and officials from BBMP for organizing the Aadhar Card Enrollment drive at brigade gardenia. I think you can also request them to do same at your apartment enclave or layout.

Its free unlike the time when the drive to collect property tax is organized by some officials BBMP wherein they collect self-service fees.

Day 1
I went there in the afternoon. There were few people in the queue so took the form, asked a few as is this the only requirement and they said yes.

Then in the evening, armed with filled forms entered BMS hall (where the drive is currently stationed), the verification official said I needed a token. I stood in the queue from 4:45PM and this was told at 5:10PM. Went inside requesting for token. Another replied in Kannada, I said please explain in Hindi/English. He passed on the enquiry to another. In sincere, broken Hindi he said token cannot be given as it was already 5.  Then he said you also need to fill small form. He brought some from inside. They were in Kannada. He marked the places where the following needed to be filled

  1. Gas supplier name like HP/Indane
  2. Gas agency name like SLV enterprises in case of HP
  3. Gas connection number 
  4. Signature of owner
You need the form for each member of family who is applying for UID even though they may not own gas. Yes, even your 2 year old. 

A little fumed, got ready for the second day. A Saturday.

Day 2

I was there and sported the token with a serial number. The rules had changed. Now it was first come first serve. The poor token went into the dust bin. 

Heard stories of inefficient machines and staff. In average it took 30-40 minutes per person. Rest of the family was in and advised them to go back and come after 3 hours. 

There was a bulky guy with lots of ideas and voice. He came up with idea of new set of tokens that would be given to people sitting in queue for photo and a smile. I asked whats the point? He said it will help people at back to know when their turn will come. 

Suddenly the queue started moving briskly. All 4 machines seemed to start working and it suddenly looked like a breezer of a wait. After a pause came my turn. Done with mine came the turn of rest of family members. The guy at counter said take all your family members to laptop where my data was collected. I said why? After a hassle he relented and continued with the data entry of wife. 

Now the fun begins.
Since your wife does not have a address proof in her name you have to get it verified again from verification officer quoting your EID application number as proof. I said what about the kids. Its alright they dont need verification again.

I went outside. Now the verification officer had a smaller desk and was kept at the door entrance. After a little hassle and sense of superiority displayed in true government style he relented and signed.

I came inside. After the wife was done they said even the child has to be verified. Hmmm...

I came outside. By now the verification officer airs had risen several times high. The queue was large and kept displaying busy. A few active queue guys said why dont you join the queue. I said I can but their process sucked and I am only going inside and outside. He gave up. Meanwhile the verification officer was moving his table more inside the hall. And I was ignored. The inside guys got impatient and sent the same guy with supervisor looks (yes, with lots of belly and calm outside). He urged me to finish off my work. Finally, he did. 

I came inside. and so on and so forth. 

In about 3.5 hours, we were done with the application. With all the automation and laptops. There were lots of congratulations as we came outside. 

Few learning from the exercise of Aadhar Card or UID application process.

  1. Take the single page form in English (UID) as well as the small one in Kannada for gas for all.
  2. If you bring bank statement then get Bank Manager's seal and sign on it. 
  3. If you dont have address proof for children and spouse then 
    1. You get your UID application done, ask rest of family to wait at the same computer where your data was entered or ask them to come another day.
    2. The above decision is based on the menace of the verification official tantrums. 
    3. Get all dependent's form verified at the same time after your UID application.
  4. Do all family members data entry at the same laptop. You may wonder with 4 machines 4 people can efficiently do all family members at same time. NO, the operators search for keys and have to make correction in Kannada with each entry. So, at the same laptop common details are cached and are prompted by computer, so it becomes more efficient.
  5. If you have kids then take lots of snacks/milk/water chocolates.
  6. Take newspaper/books to read. 
If you are lucky ones who is done with application then put your relief comments down under. If not, then do share your angst.
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