Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A colored life

He said yellow
She said no
She recalled something some years ago

He tried to build a relationship
between that and now
He said white
She said no
She smirked and smiled

He felt dumb
said a little prayer
He said violet
She said no
She got up and went to other room

He thought hard
Put on a simpleton smile
and gathered courage to
say, Is it black?

By now the eyes had welled
and request to leave alone
was floating in the air

He was clueless but he cared
He scratched the corners of his brain
to find something new
and came out with blue.

Her body shivered
The convulsions real
She went to the restroom

His heart fluttered
wondering about the next moment
What could happen?
What could not happen?

The darkest hour and half
felt like eternity
His heart was heavy and
still there was no clue

The guesses were over
the restroom was over

now was the time for silence
a little introspection
a little ignorance

two worlds in between the same walls
painting to put on the color
that nobody knew
nor had any clue
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