Friday, January 18, 2013

Payback and future bazaar point redemption service

Story begins in 2012.

Payback will expire your accumulated points if unused for three years. I learnt it the hard way. So you better know it.

Around 20th Dec 2012 , we decided to redeem about some points. After years of regular credit card billing and petrol pump updates we had some points to boast of.

I thought of gift to the spouse, when you gift with points you don't peel the pinch of money leaving your wallet. The idea was good and the intention was right. Christmas and new year were on the horizon.

Payback site has limited options for duvets, initial choice. Then we searched their partners and found interesting. So, redeemed the points for a Titan watch.

Christmas came and went.
New year came and went.

Now lets talk about 2013. Roughly, around 7th January.

I called customer center to have an idea of what's happening. They take the mobile number during the call and then ask for verification again. I argued why you were wasting time with verification so many times. He was insistent. Then I gave name/address/mobile number again. He listened to my angered outburst and asked me to wait for a while.

After a while he said there is not much he could do and I had to call I said why do you have a service if you cannot address the complaints of transactions. After asking me to hold for a while, he said he will transfer the call to his superior. Even he had no clue and said I will get the product in another 10 days. He said he will lodge a complaint with

I was browsing through the site and could not locate the transaction. After some struggle found it in My settings or somewhere. Finally, there were the details of the order. Now with order number in my custody I had the courage to call futurebazaar customer service.

I requested them to cancel order if the watch did not come in 3 days, she said fine. After 4 hours she called back to confirm that product was not available so it could not be delivered. (Then why was it visible on the site). The transaction was reverted.

After 3 days, I called back and keyed in the payback number along with date of birth in the IVRS. The customer representative greeted with "Thank you for verifying using our IVRS, what can I do for you?" I said the points have not come back into payback from cancelled order from futurebazaar.

Interestingly, when I asked him about the status of complaint, as you have guessed correctly, he had no clue.

I said, forget about the complaint, I have cancelled the order. He said it will take 7 days for points to reflect back.

I am still waiting.
My spouse is still fuming, no gifts on christmas and new year.
Life is moving on.
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