Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A new beginning - 2013

The night went by
The dances subside
The ear deafening
loudspeakers went quite

Only few plates
chairs and the stage
leftovers from modern
civilized enclave dwellers
were scattered around

A loud thud of voice
Coming back with breakfast in hand
I woke up to see
two elderly women
beside the fountain
One hand was up and waving
other was somber and quiet

I followed her gaze
It went past me
sensed two more elderly women behind
They smiled

came the scream
piercing through the wind
a spontaneous smile spread over my wings

The ladies behind reciprocated
to the ladies ahead
They must be in eighties
or could be more
but still they welcomed the new year
with aplomb and gaiety

Each day is a new beginning
for them and us
Sun brings new rays
The wind is fresh
Every moment is born anew
Every moment dies too soon

Does not matter
if we are young or old
we are anew and ancient too

Welcoming you all to a new beginning
2012 did not end anything
2013 only brings new

A lot dies
A lot lives
A lot lows
A lot highs

I just pray
that the whole lot
brings forth
the witness within

inspired by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and +The Art of Living 
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