Monday, January 14, 2013

volunteer for a better India

A thread that connects
makes me universal
and universal mine
is +The Art of Living

but for many its
alien concept
so we bring
all isms
volunteer for better india
volunteer for your neighborhood
volunteer for better america
volunteer for better australia
volunteer for better africa
now you too can become
a nationalist, localist, anylist

a chance for you
to stretch your hands
clean your lands
address the issues
that bother humanity
at ground level

you change
you take responsibility
to make current affairs issues
a reality of past history

all you need to do
is give one hour
instead of gossip and despair
touch hearts and uplift lives
it really takes very little
to make a landslide

so go out
reach out
shake off your fears and now
shake your hands
with your neighborhood

The official site is , do not get carried away by spammers with similarly names sites like etc., You have been warned.

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