Friday, January 04, 2013

The venom dance

Even the snakes
have tongues
to spit venom
lure  lust

The snake hood
flashes in the eyes
before the blink
strikes and blinds
taking away the moment of life

In some lifetime
when he had pride
oozing with venom
spitting left and right

now the cycle reversed
pride crushed
by recurrent moments
when the chest goes tight
throat chokes
navel wrenches inside
to cause him
tongue tied

Even the नील कंठ
has venom
that neither goes to heart
nor comes out in words
is eternally held back

Some days the mind is light
and the sun is warm
he raises the hood
and slithers outside
wading through green grass
bathing through melting dews
with human name and might

A dead wood falls
simply from the sky
his head sinks into the dirt

another moment of
disappearing life 
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