Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sirimane waterfalls

Pure white
the water falls
near sringeri
in the western ghats

the road is thin
the scenery is thick
lush green tropical

sometimes engulf
sometimes on right
sometimes on left

sometimes the plains
stretch on both sides

Few little steps
take you near
loud noises
and lots of cheer

Your heart thumps to
हर हर महादेव !!
बस शिव की पुकार
हुए जाये बारम्बार

The white spread
inviting clear
the clothes drop
shamelessly the body rushes
civilization just crushes
embraces the mighty waterfall

Thundering on the back
a gentle massage
few trickles
pour into the mouth
divine taste

The hand on eyes
protecting the shine

as eyes go up
to catch a glimpse
of all whites
roaring streams of waterfall

What was perceived as
cold and calculated
is utter bliss and delight

the body soaked
the mind clear
the steps are heavy
as you clear
away from the waterfall

A longing look
dragging feet

another glimpse
heart stops
moment still

Its all white
Its alright
A divine delight

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